Toronto staged guitar commercial photography studio

Toronto staged guitar commercial photography studio

Jules Design is a commercial photography studio with expertise in producing product photography for guitars. Be it sexy lighting, cool backdrops, or a clean image- we do it all. Our images feature minimal unwanted reflections, accurate colour and even light distribution.

We produce product photographs for musical instruments made to order. Our service includes product shots with and without props, various Photoshop editing methods, advanced lighting techniques and more.

Our commercial photography studio is located near the DVP and Eglinton. We offer and welcome Client hosted photography sessions on request. Our facility includes a variety of tools to produce superb product shots.

For your next musical instrument or guitar product photography session, give us a call.

Toronto Musical Instrument Commercial Photography Studio
Jules Marketing & Design Inc.
25 Hollinger Road Unit 8
Toronto Ontario
M4B 3N4

T: 647.997.2793
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