Cosmetics and Lipstick Product Photography
Without the stupid black reflection line

Cosmetics and Lipstick Product Photography- without the stupid black line
There is a vast array of methods to photograph cosmetic products; with or without reflections- or a subtle shadows…  but there is one reflection we don’t offer as a standard – “the lipstick case black line”. 

Photographers always photograph lipstick cases this way.  Cosmetic Photography with black lines reflections Two white boards reflect white into the metal and hide the camera- the net result an obvious and flagrant black line reflection.  When did the cosmetics industry decide the black line here is acceptable?  The black line is not part of the product so why should it be there? 

At Jules Design, we think with a little creativity, photographers can develop solutions that mitigate unwanted reflections such as the dreaded black line.

In addition to our conventional cosmetics product photography package, we apply multiple Photoshop paths to each cosmetic items to accommodate independent colour adjustments of the case or pigment.  This feature allows our clients to adjust files to colour variations yet to be invented while maintaining staging uniformity; think of this as our way of future proofing your product photos.  

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