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Food Product and People Photography photographed with white on white

Can you photograph white on white?  Most Definitely Yes!!!


Food Photography White on White If you measured the light, you can easily photograph objects that are white on white.

I am frequently asked by Clients if any special efforts will be required to photograph a white subject on white; the […]


Toronto Product & Food Photography with Blurry Backgrounds

Toronto Food Photography Studio

Toronto In-Studio Client Hosted Food Photography Clients may participate in the food photo shoot with Jules Design either on-location or in-studio.

Toronto Food Photography, Photos with a blurry backgrounds is called bokeh The intentional blurry backgrounds in a photo […]


Toronto Speedup WordPress SEO Service & Website Optimization Co

 Speed Up your WordPress site to keep your customers and to bolster your Google rank!


Toronto Speedup WordPress SEO ServiceMore highly ranked sites today use  WordPress than any other web engine.  Trouble is, WordPress can get bogged down and slow.  Especially if your site […]


Toronto Food Stylist & Food Photography Service following GS1 Standards

 Toronto Food Stylist and Photography Service

Budgets and time are an innate constraint of all projects; food photography projects are no different.  Gone are the days when executives had bottomless budgets for complex photo marketing initiatives with top-heavy agencies.  Many large clients we serve today seek budget conscious […]