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By Jules Marketing & Design Inc.

Different kinds of headshots for different kinds of professionals

Actors, lawyers, real estate agents and business professionals have distinct portrait photography requirements. A one-size-fits-all approach to headshots may lead to images that are not well suited to the customers’ needs. At Jules Design, we customize the image to match the Client’s professional objectives.

Actor headshots should be clear to help the casting director […]


My Philosophy About Shooting Jewelry… And how I shoot it.

From an economic point of view, consider that Jewelry product photography is usually for a limited number of inventory items. To maximize your profit margins, your marketing contributions or dollar spend per item should be limited unless you have many if the same items to sell.

Should the item have a significant profit margin built into […]


The hair light; the forgotten headshot illumination

The hair light is a flattering but often omitted aspect of a good head shot. A hair light separates hair and blacks from the background, gives it dimension and adds a beautiful highlight.

Photographers often overlook the hair light as they don’t know how to do it or they exclusively focus on front illumination. […]


Succeeding as a realtor with a good headshots for branding

Being a successful realtor is a tough gig. In a cluttered market of customer choice, a real-estate agent must have exceptional talent at setting him or herself apart from the rest. One sure-fire way to drive your personal brand is with great-one-of-a-kind photos.

Getting great photos is now as easy as it sounds. Attractive pictures that […]