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Your Toronto Product Photographer with
Awesome Product Photography Rates!

We are Toronto Product Photography Experts.  We produce great product photos for marketing & graphic design use. We offer premium and bulk product photography solutions with in-studio and on-location service.

Our product photography repertoire includes product photography for merchandise, food, fashion and ghost mannequins.

We also do product photos that follow industry imaging standards including the LCBO, Walmart, Amazon, Costco, SAQ, LOWES, GS1, MLCC, and many other mass merchants.

From $4 per Image

With volumes of 400 photos!
Ask us for details

As our product photography rates are excellent- we are a leading Mississauga product photography force and Markham product photography destination. Seeking a Mississauga Product Photographer? No problem! Simply arrange delivery to our studio, drop off the merchandise or participate in the photo session.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

What Makes Our Product Photography Special?

Visit our studio to ascertain our capability. Talk to us to gauge our communication skills. Challenge us to come up with creative solutions.

Competitive Product Photography Rates

Our product photography price is competitive relative to the quality of product photos you need. We offer incredible bulk product photography prices or premium imaging services for high-end projects. 

You’ll get a better ROI with us

Our product photography rates are competitive and forward thinking. We will seek to build a brand guide and image workflow to keep your current and future product shots consistent, re-creatable and as inexpensive as possible.

Photoshop and Graphic Design Services

We offer Photoshop editing services to provide you with photos ready for graphic design use. We specialize in editing for eCommerce product photography, print-ready and catalogue product photography, food product photography and more.

Insured 5 Million General Liability

As unfortunate things happen, make sure you are protected. Jules Design will provides Certificate of Insurance (COI) on request.

Colour Managed Workflow

Colour accuracy is critical when producing product shots. Unlike many photographers, we use a light meter and grey cards to measure the light for consistent and high quality images. We strive to provide near Pantone colour accuracy.

A Project Management Mindset

We deliver our product photography projects on-time, on-budget and to specification. Attention to detail and providing the images our clients expect is core to our service.

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Toronto Product Photography Rates

Conventional Product Photography
$25 per image*

  • Watch Photography $100 Per Image*
Bulk Product Photography
$3 to $12 per image* +/-
Photoshop Editing
$100 per hour
360° Rotating Product Photography
From $90 per animation
On-site Product & Food Photography
From $600*
Staged Photography & In-Studio Hosted Sessions
$100 per hour
Ghost Mannequin
Fashion Photography
$60 per image
Little Extras:

  • $2 per image (Faux Reflection)
  • $5 per image (Real Reflections)
  • USB Key $20
  • Garment Steaming $10+ per

Min Order $400; special conditions and discounts may apply

We deliver the product shots ready for graphic design (marketing) use

Subject to the offering you select, we provided the file(s) in a format ready for graphic design. Images are colour corrected, close-cropped, edited and supplied in TIF or PSD or JPG format with the background removed (a.k.a clipping path or masked).

Services outside of the project’s scope may be subject to a surcharge.

Additional services may include (but not limited to) graphic design services, labeling, rush orders, cleaning, adding natural shadows or reflection, file renaming, cropping to specific pixel dimensions, delivery, etc.

*The above photography prices and timelines are estimates only. Prices and service commitments may vary subject to the assignment.

Prices do not include HST

Product Photography Sample Images

Markham Product Photographer • Mississauga Product Photographer • Brampton Product Photographer • Toronto Product Photographer

Bulk Product Photography Pricing (Estimate $3 to $10* per image +/-)

Bulk Product Shots by Jules Design is a high-value imaging solution for Clients with a need for hundreds of images at a low cost per image price.

We achieve this price point via efficiencies in workflow and economies of scale. In turn, we pass these savings onto you!

This offering is ideal for projects with hundreds of skus. Some perfect merchandise categories include fashion, textiles, jewelry, food, retail, industrial products and more.

For more information on Bulk Product Shot pricing click here or call us at 647-997-2793

*Bulk Product Photography prices are estimates only. Costs may vary subject to the project scope.
Call us for more details 647.997.2793 or email [email protected]

  • The fee is determined by production hour x the shop rate ($100 per hour, Editing and or Photography) $400 order minimum + HST
  • Pure White Catalogue Toronto Bulk Product Photography
  • Highly colour accurate, close-cropped images; Near to pure 255 white background
  • Minimal Photoshop editing included; extra Photoshop available subject to the project requirements
  • This offering is best suited for large photography projects with limited budgets
Bulk Product Photography Toronto-for-Catalogues on white

Below: Sample Bulk Product Photography by Jules Design

For more information on bulk product photography, contact Jules Design: 647-997-2793 [email protected]

Toronto Food and Drink Photography

Jules Design matches food styling, lighting, photography, and editing technique to produce beautiful and cost-effective food photography. Serving some of Canada’s largest brands, we are arguably the leading Toronto Food Photography studio. We provide in-studio and on-location food photography service.

Toronto Food Stylist and Staged Food Photography

Sell more with food photos by Jules Design

Leverage our experience to produce better images for your menus, menu boards and sell sheets. Our techniques will enable you to assemble more combos or product groupings to increase your sales.

Our in-studio and on-location food photography services include food styling. We provide props, faux ice and more.

We have established relationships with some of the city’s finest food staging experts. For price-sensitive clients, we also provide advanced in-house food staging to keep the headcount cost low.

For more info on food photography pricing contact us:
T: 647 997 2793 E: [email protected]

Toronto Restaurant Menu Food Product Photographer
Toronto Restaurant Food Photographer
Fast Food Restaurant and Menu Product Photography
Restaurant Food
Toronto Restaurant Menu Food Photographer
Mississauga Restaurant Food Photographer
Toronto Food Photographer Service
food photograph in Toronto
Beer Photographer
Beer Photograph
Canada Dry product
Commercial Food Products
Toronto Food Service Product Photography following GS1 Canada ECCnet image standards
Toronto Ice Cream and Food Product Photography
Toronto Photographer offering Retail Marketing Images and Food Service photography following GS1 Canada standards
Food and Drink
Brampton Food Photography Photo Studio
Food Photography Product
Toronto Restaurant Food Photographer Mississauga Food Photography

Toronto Amazon & Shopify Product Photography Service
$25 per image • $400 Min Order

Your online merchandising strategy needs great product shots for a competitive edge! Get your eCommerce product photography at Jules Design.

Get amazing Shopify, Amazon, eBay product shots by Jules Design!

We will provide you with great product shots that drive revenues. As a marketing-centric product photography company, we will recommend best practice methods to increase the selling power of your product.

  • Files Prepared to Specification

We will prepare the images to meet Amazon’s,eBay, Etsy, or Shopify’ imaging specifications.

  • Mail Order, In-Studio or On-Location Service

Ship us the product, Drop it off here, Mail it in or Participate in the Photoshoot!

  • Pickup and Return Included

For most product photography projects within the GTA for orders over $1000

  • File Naming Included

We will rename the images to match product SKUs for easy cataloging

  • Graphic Design Services

Make your merchandise stand out from all others. Use our photos and graphic design services to increase the value of your product. Jules Design provides awesome graphic design services for packaging, web, tradeshow exhibits, video and more. Ask us for details.

For more information on Shopify, eBay and Amazon product photography, contact:
Jules Design: 647-997-2793

[email protected]

Toronto 360° Rotating Product Photography and Movies

Give your customers the ability to interact with your merchandise online.

Give your Customers a 360 view of your merchandise. Help them make a faster and better buying decision with fewer returns.

Rotating product shots or videos are priced generally relative to the project scope. Our 360-product photography repertoire ranges from macro photography (imaging the very small) to stop-motion photos or 360 film.

360 Product Shots and 360 Video can be implemented by either YouTube, Flash and or HTML folders. Animations generally include:

  • Toggle, Full-Screen Mode, and Zooming functionality
  • iPhone / Smart Phone friendly
  • Light web technical-support included

For more info on pricing click here

For more information on Jules Design’s 360 product photography service, contact us: 647-997-2793 [email protected]

Toronto Ghost Mannequin Photography

Jules Design offer’s Ghost Mannequin Photography for Clients seeking to demonstrate garments without a model or conventional mannequin.

Leave the product with us or participate in the fashion photo shoot. Our photo studio is conveniently located near the DVP and Eglinton in Toronto Ontario Canada.

Our studio facility is equipped with male and female mannequin models, garment steamers and all that is necessary for a great Client photo shoot.

For fashion photography pricing
and ghost mannequin photography rates click here or

Jules Marketing and Design
T: 647-997-2793 E: [email protected]

Toronto Ghost Mannequin Photo Studio
Toronto Ghost Mannequin & Fashion Photographer
Mississauga Markham Fashion Photography Ghost Mannequin
Mississauga Toronto Phantom Ghost Mannequin

Mississauga Clothing Photographer • Markham Fashion Photographer • Toronto Clothing Photographer • Brampton Fashion Photographer

Client Hosted In-Studio Fashion or Product Photography

Sometimes, the only one who can present your vision is you; this is why Jules Design offers In-Studio Client Hosted Photography Sessions. Use our studio as an extension of your workplace.

Use our photo, kitchen and business facilities to make the images you need. Bring your staff, merchandise or models to produce the photos that will drive your business forward!

Our studio is conveniently located near the DVP (Highway 404) and Eglinton; only 20 minutes away from downtown.

For more information on Jules Design’s In-studio or On location Client Photography service,
Contact Jules Design: T: 647-997-2793 E:
[email protected]

Our Commercial Photography Services

Jules Design is an agile commercial photography studio specializing in producing photographing products for marketing use. We excel at making images for graphic design use to sell a product. The following list outlines some of our core competencies:

  • In-Studio or On-Site Commercial Photography
  • Toronto Food and Drink Photography
  • 360 Spin Rotating Product Shots
  • Lifestyle Product Photography (people using products)
  • Specialist in Specification Type Product Shots for
    (Walmart, LOWES, LCBO, AMAZON, GS1)
  • Graphic Design, Photoshop Editing, Video Authoring & Special Effects
  • High-Quality Product Photography and
    Bulk Product Shots at Amazing Prices

Jules Design is an independent photography contractor and is in no way affiliated with Walmart Canada, Amazon, LCBO or GS1