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Jules Design is not your conventional headshot photographer. Primarily we converge photography with marketing and graphic design to convey your brand, value and key message in a personal photo.

To do so we produce headshots intentionally as graphic design element for marketing. Each image we produce has an intended marketing use beforehand. Our goal is to make business portraits you can really use to grow your business. Some images may feature your attractive persona on a white or black background. Use these images to convey your executive alpha prowess or openness as a pleasant individual.

Some of our other headshots may include your sign holding to feature a key message. Other times, we will produce images that denote an expression to increase the impact of text in adjacent marketing graphic.

Toronto Realtor Business Portraits & Business Executive HeadshotsToronto Realtor and Headshot Photography Rates
Periodically, clients come to us asking for a portrait photography session only to be taken aback by the price. Interestingly, they will compare my price to the offering at Walmart. The service provided by Jules Design is starkly different.

The headshot's produce at Walmart is akin to an assembly line. Indeed, they are fast and cheap, but they do not offer the same personal attention and coaching that you will receive with our headshot photography service. They are less willing to spend time to get you that perfect smile or to modify the lighting to produce the very best you.

With respect to posing for business headshots, business headshots are clearly not glamour shots, however men should appear masculine and women should be feminine. To achieve this goal, we apply subtle posing to our subjects to accentuate innate sexuality.

Graphic Design Services
When we produce portraits, we typically spend a considerable amount time in postproduction to colour correct your image, to remove the background and to fix skin imperfections. When we are done, the images feature the best you and useable for design applications such as annual reports, PowerPoint presentations, billboards, business cards, etc...

Portrait photography done by Jules Design features flexibility. Customers can get exactly what they want. As a boutique photo studio, we can modify and customize our packages to get you what you want. As we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to headshot and portrait photography, we can produce your photos to taste.

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