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Actor Comp Card Design Toronto Brampton Mississauga

Actor Children and Kids Headshots Portraits Actor Comp Card Design Toronto Brampton Mississauga

Toronto Actor Comp Card Design and Photography Studio
Getting an acting gig is competitive work. To get an edge, Jules Design offers customized headshot compcards to promote your skills, face and contact details. Our typical headshot packages is considerably more comprehensive than what you will get with most other portrait photography studios. Here's why:

    In-Studio Service
    We do our headshots in a studio with controlled lighting; not in a laneway or a random place. Because we have a studio (and most photographers do not), we can focus privately on getting your portraits just right.  Moreover, as your headshots come in, you can see them on a large monitor to calibrate your posing and smiling technique to be perfect.

    Graphic Design Expertise
    Because we are knowledgeable in graphic design, we can edit your photos to look amazing. Your comp card is your actor's or model's resume to prospective casting agents. The comp card may contain various photos of you including a face, torso and full body image. In addition, this document will also include text such as your name, phone number, height, skills, etc. Jules Design uses professional layout software such as InDesign to produce these.

    As a matter of candor, there are few barriers of entry to be a Photographer these days; consequently, few "photography professionals" know how to use a camera much less edit a photo or produce any reasonable graphic designs work. Alternatively, Jules Design is a marketing centric media production company with knowledge in producing print ready, calibrated content to sell your brand.

    We can arrange to print your comp card or tell you where to go to get it done economically.

    Our Toronto comp card photography and design service is much less expensive than what most casting agents charge. This is because we do not have to pay any kickbacks to anyone, which is a normal industry practice for many modeling agencies.

Comp Cards by Jules Design will get you more work because you will communicate your value better than most actors who do not have a professional resume.

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