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Photoshop + Good Lighting + Graphic Design and an attractive subject make great headshots photography

Good lighting is the foundation for a fantastic headshot. When I do headshots at my Toronto Headshot Photography studio, I am fanatical about good lighting. So much so, that my preference is to shoot in studio vs. on-location as the results are much better.

Why do I prefer to shoot in studio? Well in my studio, I have more control of the light. I have a high ceiling and space to distribute the light with more fluidity. Often when I am shooting at a Client local, the environment is confined and that prevents perfect work. Still, we make due, and the results are often quite good… just not as good as if I was shooting in studio.

What I strive for in a headshot
I think we are akin to natural light, so I try to emulate that. An open window or a strobe shining light on one's face does not cut it for me. This is because the light is entering from the side. I think the best headshot light comes from above, just like the sun. Specifically, the sun on a cloudy day since the light gently caresses the face without any harsh or defined shadows. When light comes from above, jaw lines appear more pronounced, cleavage and chest looks more appealing, neck lines look slimmer and eyes are more accentuated.

At Jules Design, we are lighting experts. We measure the light colour and intensity to produce beautiful headshots. We look at the characteristics of light and their esthetic appeal when we produce headshots.

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