Toronto Realty Agent Photographer

Toronto Real-Estate Agent Portrait Photographer

Toronto Real-Estate Agent Portrait Photographer
A realtor's persona is their greatest marketing differentiator. As a result, an agent must stand apart from their competition to be a competitive market leader. Everything an agent publicly does must convey uniqueness and value. Great portrait photography is a starting point.

Jules Design is a leading Toronto realtor portrait photographer. We produce headshots as graphic design elements to convey what you do. After your portrait session is complete, we edit your images to be graphic design ready for marketing use. Our editing process includes skin enhancements, background removal, colour correction and more.

Our realtor headshots include props and contextual posing for portraits and future marketing initiatives.

We provide coaching to get you to produce the best images. During the photography session, you will see your images pop up live on a viewing monitor to refine your pose or smile. The process is fun and we akin the portrait photography session as a creative collaboration between the photographer and you.

We provide in-studio and on-location realtor headshots. Our studio is conveniently located near the DVP and Eglinton not too far from the Ontario Science Centre.

Call us to discuss your next Real-Estate Agent headshot or Business Portrait Photography assignment.

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