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Toronto Product Photography Rates

Toronto Product Photography rates by Jules Design are tailored to meet the budgets of various imaging strategies.  No name a few, we offer bulk rates, staged lifestyle photography, fashion photography session (with models) and imaging with graphic design services.  Consequently our product photography rates are flexible relative to your business needs. 

As customers often wish to participate in the photo shoot, a popular product photography package we offer includes a 2-hours in-studio session with image editing.  In this offer, we host the Client and they play the Creative Director role; all the while, we execute and provide the Client with useful suggestions and feedback.

Our most common billing structure is a product photography charge by unit with a minimum order requirement.  However should a client require on-location service, we charge a flat logistics fee.  Projects requiring unknown amounts of small, very large or additional imaging work are then billed by the hour. 

Jules Design is committed to efficient and outstanding work.  As our reputation is of paramount importance, when we charge by the hour, we work fast and we get the job done right.  If we can’t deliver value, we are keen to credit the customer in some manner.  Moreover, we have a wide array of current customers who will attest to our quality of work and speedy service. 

Toronto Product Photography rates by Jules Design. We offer competitive photography imaging solution at a great price. 

Next time you are ready to evaluate your photography vendor, we welcome your call to discuss your business needs.  We also encourage you to visit the photographer’s photo studio.  This may be of critical importance in assess  the photographers competence and ability to get your job done right.

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