Toronto Silver Jewelry Product Photography

Toronto Silver Jewelry Product Photography

As jewelry is notoriously dirty and tarnished at the microscopic level, we recommend that you invest the time to clean the items well- otherwise; unwanted marks will appear on the object’s surface and in the product shot.  Moreover, as jewelry is reflective, special setups are required to prevent undesired visuals in the product.  Cleaning and managing reflections takes time and consequently effects price.

New players in the jewelry industry should recognize that good jewelry product photos take time.  Quick turnaround is always available at a low price but certainly at the cost of quality.

Jules Design is a Toronto product photography company with expertise in jewelry photography.  We offer customizable marketing solutions to present your product offering.  As we understand cost is a consideration in the jewelry business, we offer various flexible pricing solutions:

Bulk Jewelry Product Photography
The Bulk Solution is one where the Client may customize their desired services selected; consequently, we provide this service at an hourly rate.  This solution is ideal for Clients with a hundreds or more skus.  Clients may participate in the photo shoot to reduce the labour fees.  Since the service we provide is flexible subject to the Client’s needs, pricing may vary relative to the services and the quality of the images required.   
Prices may range from $5 per image to $30 +/- per item.   

Conventional Product Shot
Clients requiring a more structured photography solution may opt for conventional product photographs.  Keeping in mind that we limit the amount of Photoshop work on each item when a piece rate applies, additional Photoshop services is available at out shop rate.

To keep cost low, we recommend that you provide Jules Design with clean merchandise.  We recommend that you provide us with product that was never worn and minimally touched. We suggest that you inspect and clean the merchandise before submitting it to us in a plastic bag as cleaning the product will add to the production cost. 
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