Toronto Fashion Photography Studio On-location, In-studio, Outdoors

Toronto Fashion Photography Studio On-location, In-studio, Outdoors

There are many great photography methods to merchandise clothes; as a result, Jules Design strive to produce a diverse range of styles at a great price. The following are some of the fashion photography methods we offer to meet our customer's various clothing imaging needs:  

Product Photography clothing garmets laying flat

Ghost mannequin photography
Ghost mannequins fashion photography is an attractive method to demonstrate garments without the distraction of a human model.  Without the human, the product image is clean and devoid of any demographic bias. 

To produce a ghost mannequin photograph, it involves dressing a manikin, two or more photographs (to produce the composite image) and extensive Photoshop editing.  As this method is very time consuming, it is by far the most expensive way to produce a garment photo. 

Toronto In-studio fashion photography service

Conventional product photography
Conventional product photography involves either taking a photograph of the garment lying flat, on a human or manikin. Typically, one colour corrects the image and digitally removes the background.  This method is less expensive then ghost manikin product shots, however additional cost can easily balloon if the client provides textiles that are dirty, wrinkled or have uneven dye (ink) distribution.  

Bulk fashion photography 
Clients with large fashion photography needs requiring numerous product images should consider bulk product shots.  These project types are typically charged at an hourly rate; the process is efficient and there is often a low cost per image rate. Images are typically colour corrected and cropped only.  These images are perfectly satisfactory for many clients.

Lifestyle fashion photography
Clients seeking something very different may opt for on-location fashion photography either outside or in-doors.   Shooting outside is fun however there are often many perils including bad lighting conditions, wind or rain.   Moreover, there can be associated costs to moving photography gear on-site.

Regardless of your next fashion photography assignment, give us a call.  Jules Design offers in-studio or on-location fashion photography to service your clothing marketing needs.

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