Toronto Product Photographer & Photoshop Editor

Toronto Product Photographer & Photoshop Editor

Good Product Photography includes an acute knowledge of camera operation, lighting, graphic design and marketing standards.  Jules Design brings it all together. 

We offer on-location or in-studio commercial photography. Our images are near Pantone colour accurate. Subject to your requirement, we offer product staging and or removal (masking-out) of the background. Regardless of your service selection, we strive to produce product shots that will give your customers the information they need to make a positive buying decision.

For any product photography assignment, Clients may opt for various levels of involvement. Clients are welcome to participate in the photo-session to take on a Creative Director’s role. This is often advisable if you have a very specific image in mind.

Images by Jules Design are suitable for numerous media applications including print, web, large format, video, graphic overlays, packaging, etc. Are goal is to prepare your image(s) for immediate graphic design use.

Product Photography rates are subject to the project scope. Most shots are $25* per item +/- .
Complex assignments are produced at a shop rate of $100 per hour**.

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