Toronto Furniture Photography Photo Studio

Toronto Furniture Photography Photo Studio

Jules Design is a Toronto furniture photography company specializing in in-studio and on-location photo imaging and editing. Our goal is to provide cost-effective quality furniture photos that will help you sell merchandise.

To achieve better value and quality we use unconventional photography methods that give wood grain more pop – surprisingly these methods are not common in the furniture photography world.

Should your business require on-location furniture photography services, we recommend that you provide us with a working space relative to the size of the merchandise.  Large couches may require a 30 x 30 working area to minimize image distortion and to maintain even light distribution.

To keep your costs low, we recommend product preparation.  Please take great care to make the furnishings ready for photo imaging.  Clean and repair furnishings; indeed, we can “fix” images with Photoshop- however, the net result is never better than then real thing. 

Clients requiring staged or lifestyle furniture photography may do so with notice.  Please note that staged home shots are more expensive.  Sourcing locations, compensating venue owners, staging, logistics and setting up lighting are some of the many components that may add to the cost of an in-home furniture photography projects.  For very large projects, we recommend building a studio set.  Jules Design offers the capabilities for these large projects and initiatives on retainer. 

For your next furniture photography assignment, give Jules Design a call.

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