Toronto Watch & Jewelry Product Photographer

Toronto Watch & Jewelry Product Photographer

Jules Design is a Toronto commercial photo studio specializing in watch Product Photography.  We have the

Toronto Watch Product Photography
Jules Design offers Photoshop imaging editing to custom colour components in your product shots; doing so will improve the uniformity in your product photos and may reduce the total project cost.

capabilities to image the minuscule to be enormous for visual selling and marketing applications.

As watches typically require advanced staging, cleaning and digital editing, we charge hourly for this service. 

As filaments from buffing the new watch, oil and dirt are highly visible at the microscopic level, clients are encouraged to not wear the watch prior to photo imaging.  Moreover, asking the manufacture to produce a special unit specifically for photo imaging devoid of any microscopic dust inside the unit is a very good idea.

Clients we encourage clients to source product photographs of watch images they would like to emulate for their product shots.  Doing so will help articulate the desired final image.

Clients with multicoloured alternatives options on the same product, such as bands, may take advantage of our Photoshop capabilities to modulate those individual components on the product.  In effect taking the same photo for use to numerous product skus.

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