Working with a Commercial Photographer in Toronto or Mississauga

Working with a Commercial Photographer in Toronto or Mississauga

For many businesses, finding a vendor that provides genuine leadership, process flexibility and an unbiased perspective is very difficult to find; I know exactly what they mean.

I have hired lawyers, printers and other vendors to provide various services and it often feels like they are just looking to get the job done and move on- what a missed opportunity for them. Those suppliers who take the time to get to know my company and my challenges really win my heart- I want to give them business; and if not now, later-on or other referral opportunities down the road.

At Jules Design, we strive to be more than a conventional product photographer- we strive to be your marketing business asset.

Many clients have expressed to us their frustration in dealing with other Toronto Product Photography studios. Often, they found that other Product Photographers are not flexible in providing solutions to help the customer produce images with impact.

To help the customers get the images they need, we strive at better communication. We encourage our customers to visit our studio to see how we operate, we pick up the phone to speak with our customers, and we welcome the participation in the product photography session if the Client wishes to do so.

By having more pricing models, we have more flexibility and options to serve your business. Need further explanation? Next time you have a commercial product photography project, give us a call for a better imaging solution.

Yours Sincerely
Jules Oille- President of Jules Marketing & Design Inc.

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