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Toronto Beverage and Can Advertising Photography

Photographing a tin can requires special lighting attention. The consumer has an expectation that the metal is gray. Therefore, the photographer should reflect gray into the metal in order to give it the hue that coincides with the client's colour memory.

Many product photographers will photograph the object in a white tent to soften the light. This technique causes the can's metal to appear white and not grey. Moreover, the colour will get washed out- as the surrounding white tent is reflecting off the object's surface.

At Jules Design, we build specialized grey tents to give metal the correct hue. In conjunction with lighting and geometrically managing reflections, we can image metallic items with exceptional quality at a much lower cost per unit than computer-designed renderings. In addition, we offer staged wet can images on request.

As Client's often supply us with cans with scratches and printing registration issues, give us a call first to see if this solution is viable for your next canned CPG marketing project.

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