About Jules Design – Toronto Product Photographer

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A brief story about my life
When I was young, I aspired to be many things; among them: a businessman and an artist.  As I moved through my years, I was an avid painter, illustrator and entrepreneur.  Later in school, I decided to take marketing; but I never forgot my artistic roots. 

I continued with my art; however, over time, it evolved into commercial graphic design.  My art skills with my Marketing education complemented each other. 

Eventually, I started to freelance.  Knowing Porter’s Law, I realized that photography would enable me to offer services that most other designers do not provide.  After that, photography dominated my workload and I was a photographer.  

Modern Me
I’ve been doing graphic design for 20 years and photography for over 12.  Today I consider myself to be a business professional who’s good at makings pictures, film and graphics.  My team and I work hard to create solutions that will give my customers a competitive edge. 

I work by creative-mandates, best practice, and without ego; I am not an artist. 

The Studio
Our studio is located in central Toronto not too far from the Dufferin and Eglinton.  Our facility has excellent professional photo, video and recording equipment.   We have a colour managed workflow; this means that we measure light throughout the imaging process for colour accuracy. 

Our core service is creative commercial content.  We produce media to help businesses promote themselves.  Our services include:

  • Product Photography (fashion, bulk, cosmetics, GS1, Amazon, etc…)
  • Food Photography
  • Video 
  • Graphic Design
  • Commercial Business Portraits

If you need any of these creative services for your operation, give us a call.

Cinemagraph of a Photographer taking Pictures

Capabilities In:

  • Photo and Video Production
  • Graphic Design, Photo & Video Editing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Copy-writing
  • SEO, Web-Design, Social Media Marketing Content Creation
  • Amazon Image Marketing

Typical Clients:
Small Entrepreneurs to Multi-National Corporations

Toronto Photographer Doing Fashion Photography