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Best Value Photography Equipment 2019

Shoot Like a Pro + Save Money & Time!

This 2019 photography equipment list is the highest-value photo equipment to set up your professional commercial photography studio cost-effectively. More

The best photography gear is not always the most expensive gear

I have always been a frugal camera gear buyer.

Consequently, I’ve always tried to buy the least expensive equipment that would adequately do my work.  Over time, I’ve bought some stuff that was not good enough and I had to upgrade; whereas other items performed exceptionally well.  This list outlines the photography equipment that I have learned to love and trust.

This page is an ongoing work in progress.  As equipment evolves, I will adapt this page over time.  I will also be producing videos for each item describing the quirks, my thoughts and detail on each one.

The links to the products I recommend are affiliate links.  In other words, I get paid if you buy the item I endorse.  You will not pay a premium if you buy the photography merchandise I recommend.  If you purchase any of the merchandise I hype, the vendor will send me a small commission for the sale.  Think of this as a fee for the time and energy I put into making this photo product review page.

Here is a photo of my commercial photography studio & below is the list of the gear I use.

Here I photograph merchandise of all sorts, and I do fashion and food photography.  Below is a list of the equipment I use every day.

As a professional photographer, I’ve bought plenty of camera equipment.  Some of it was useful, others not so much.  On this page, I will list my favourite photo tools that I recommend that you should buy.More

I tested this photography equipment under real-world conditions.  I used this equipment to run my studio. I’ve shot with this gear on-site and in my studio. I’ve learned which products can take the abuse of multiple installs, and the other products that can’t.

I will tell you my opinion on each product. Moreover, I will also tell you how critical the product is to my photography business and how important it is to buy.

As a general rule, I prefer to own gear. I feel this way because it’s more convenient, I can test the product’s limitations, and I can get very familiar with my tools.  Fumbling with equipment with a customer present is stressful and reduces credibility.  Therefore, I pick the tools that will make my life easier.

Photographers Should Have a Color Managed Workflow
The purpose of a color-managed workflow is to provide color consistency and predictability throughout the entire imaging process.  To do this, I measure the light intensity and colour during the photography process with a grey card.  As I edit, I use a color-calibrated monitor.  One can also calibrate a printer to produce highly accurate prints.

A color-managed workflow will help you produce more precise images; however, there are limitations.  The human eye can we see more colors than what we can recreate on a monitor or in print.  Therefore,  customers and photographers should manage their expectations accordingly. 


Photography Studio Equipment and Gear

Gray/White Balance Card 12×12 Inch (30x30cm)

The Grey Card is one of the most important tools in my camera bag. 

After the photo shoot, I need a reference to adjust the colors in my pictures.  By capturing a grey card control image, I can white-balance and exposure correct all of the related images for color accuracy and consistency. 

The grey card is a critical component to my color managed workflow and one of the most essential tools in my camera bag.  I highly recommend that you buy one, learn how to use it, and use it all the timeLearn More

Not all grey cards are equal.  Many “standard” grey cards have their own version of 18% “middle grey.”  Some are too dark, light, warm (red) or cool (blue).  Because of this deviations, some grey cards direct better or worse color corrections during the editing process.  The ideal grey card should help you balance your images to a neutral white.

When I use a grey card, I try to photograph the subject and the card under the same lighting conditions.  If the lighting conditions change, I reshoot the grey card.  If I can, I like to place the grey card into the photo as a colour reference as I shoot.  Later, as I edit, I may crop-out or mask the unwanted piece from the picture.

A grey card is part of a color-managed workflow.  It is used to document, measure and calibrate the light color and intensity in the photography phase of your photo projects. 

I like this grey card because in my experience I like the white it delivers.  My wife has bought it and I was impressed by the color balancing it yields.

Grey card to white balance your images and to estimate exposure

Dual Power AC/DC 110v Mettle 600W Flash, Professional Strobe Flash Light, with Rechargeable Battery Pack

MY OPINION HEADER rtant tools in my camera bag. 


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Best Value Photo Strobes 600 Watts

Sekonic LiteMaster Pro L-478DR-U-EL Series Light Meter 

The light meter is an essential tool in my camera bag because it helps me check for even light distribution on my subject.  

Because light affects color, often I seek to put equal lighting on all sides of my subject.  To measure lumen uniformity, I use a light meter.  This device is useful because it tells me:

  1. If there is a surplus of deficit of luminosity across the object and
  2. How I should set my camera

Learn More

A light meter is a photographer’s tool of the trade.  Like a contractor uses a measuring tape to measure length, a photographer uses a light meter to measure light.  This tool is so useful, I would be inclined to forgo a photoshoot without my light meter- especially when I am working with strobes.

A light meter will add efficiency to your workflow.   Guessing the appropriate camera settings on front of a customer looks clumsy and can undermine your credibility.  Using a light meter streamlines the process and helps you quickly set your camera.

Sekonic is a reputable brand, and I like how this unit defines the F-stop down to the fraction.   Having a light meter is a must-have tool for your camera bag.

Light meter to measure light uniformity
Best Studio Photography Gear 2019-2020
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Photograph Like a Pro + Save Money & Time! This 2019 photography equipment list is the highest-value photo equipment to set up your professional commercial photography studio cost-effectively.
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