How to hire a Mississauga Amazon Product Photographer

Jules Design is a Toronto Markham Mississauga Amazon Product Photographer.  Product Photography is pretty much all we do.

Toronto Markham Mississauga Amazon Product Photographer

Toronto Markham Mississauga Amazon Product Photographer

When you hire a product photographer, you need to hire someone who knows what they are doing.  Other photography professionals often lack the equipment, workflow and technical skills to do this type of work.

We often receive calls from individuals who bought photography services from sub-standards photographers.   Put simply, they didn’t know what they are doing.

Why is Product Photography so complex?

A product photograph is often a vendor’s tool to promote a product.  In this context, the photograph is a document that gives the customer the information they need to make a buying decision.

A good product photograph is a useful.  It should be accurate, descriptive, persuasive and  consistent with its counterparts.  Colours must be true and it should give the seller an edge over its competition.

A good product photographer can provide studio images and lifestyle photography.  Lifestyle images are photos of the product in use in a real-life situation.

To succeed as a product photographer, the specialist must understand colour management.  This  broadly refers to an understanding of light, digital workflows and more.  Almost all photographers (including those formally trained) often lack these skills; even at a basic level.  We know this because we hire and interview photographers often and with disappointment, most often lack these critical competencies.

A good product photographer will simplify how the graphic files are delivered to the customer.  When the customer navigates the photo files, the folder files should be intuitive.  The Client understands the files use by virtue of the name of its parent folder.

Typically at Jules Design, we provide the image in multiple folders.  The file naming convention may include:

  • High Res Tif – for graphic design
  • Web Ready JPG
  • High Res JPG
  • Web Ready PNG with transparency layer

Moreover, we may add a prefix to the file name (such as webready_file123.jpg) to further simply the file navigation.  Providing the images to the customer in this way makes for a better customer experience.

Toronto Markham Mississauga Product Photography Rates

Hiring a talented product photographer is not expensive but it is not cheap either.   You get what you pay for.  When hiring a product photographer, examine their work, visit their studio and call them on the phone.  The photographer will be an extension of your marketing team and you need to know that you will be able to work well together.

If you are looking for a great Toronto Markham Mississauga Amazon Product Photographer contact Jules Design.  Our studio is located in central Toronto near Eglinton and the DVP

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Toronto Markham Mississauga Amazon Product Photographer

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