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Jules Design is a Toronto Furniture Photography studio specializing in in-studio and on-location furniture photography.  We produce catalog furniture photographs as well as in-home lifestyle images.  Our repertoire includes outdoor and indoor furniture photography.

We offer expertise in making colour accurate images.  We do this by taking care to measure the light’s colour and intensity.

Furniture is big and requires even light distribution to demonstrate it properly.  Unwanted shadows or uneven lighting can undermine the furniture’s appearance.  Worse, uneven lighting can give furniture a two-tone appearance that could confuse customers and be a source for future product returns.

As light can be warm, neutral or cool, we measure the light colour with every product shot.  This is because light colour can affect the colour and visual appearance of the furniture in the photo.  Measuring the light intensity and light colour is of utmost importance because it has a direct correlation with the colour we perceive.

Toronto Brampton Furniture Photographer Technique

Most photographers gets colours washed out on product photos because they use white backdrops.

Colour accuracy is a vital part of our workflow.  Without it, the colours in our furniture photography would be largely and consistently inaccurate. For your next furniture photography project contact Jules Marketing & Design Inc.  We are a leading Toronto Furniture photography company and Brampton Furniture photographer.

Our techniques produce consistent highly colour accurate photos. Our methods bode well for all visual marketing applications to sell product. We offer on-location service to facilitate the image capturing process.

With a wealth of client references on request, we are photographers and project managers.

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