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Lifestyle Commercial Photography Makes Product Real

Demonstrating product in use gives it context.  Humans are social creatures and we must often see others use an item in order to imagine ourselves using it; in other words, Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Product shots in use demonstrate functionality and relevance.  Great lifestyle product shots demonstrate how the product is used.  In eliminating ambiguity it can reduce overall refunds to increase sales revenue.  When people see how someone is using it, they can figure out how to use the item; in turn, they are less likely to bring it back

Great lifestyle product shots make things look cool.  Better yet, it can open new market niches.  As we tend to relate to our “perceived self”, if we see a “better us” using a cool product in a relevant product advertisement, we are more inclined to like it and open to buy it. For example a woman using weight lifting gear traditional marketed to men may inspire others to become product buyers.

Jules Design offers in-studio and on-location lifestyle product photography.  We are equipped to offer a range of services including clothing photography, video production, food photography and all sorts of commercial photography work.  Our studio is located near the DVP and Eglinton.

Clients are welcome to express their creative vision when developing their lifestyle photo concepts.  We are happy to collaborate with our customers to provide marketing, creative and technical feedback.  For more information on commercial product photography by Jules Design featuring Toronto lifestyle photography, contact us

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