Toronto Social Media Production Company

Toronto Social Media Production Company

We have in-house capability to produce your content. We don’t farm out your work; we do it here with you if you want!

As a leading Toronto Product Photography company with expertise in producing video, written content and graphics, Jules Design is an exceptional choice to produce your Toronto Social Media Production Company.


As a marketing centric media production company, we are experts in producing content that sells products and brands.  Call us today to discuss your marketing woes and we will provide a variety of actionable ideas to grow your business fast.

Many social media companies have limited production equipment to produce content.  They often lack camera gear of all sorts and sometimes even basic in-house graphic design capabilities to produce original content.  As search engines seek and prefer unique material, some social media agencies are immediately at a disadvantage to promote your business.

At Jules Design we produce content of all sorts.  Bring your products to our commercial studio to produce spectacular product shots.  Alternatively, participate in the photo shoot here to produce images your way.

We will assist you in making graphic design ready photos to market your merchandise.  Clients may opt to produce conventional product photos, staged product shots with 1 or more items, use a model, lifestyle images, 360 product shots, ghost mannequins or more.  In addition, we assist and provide model-casting services.

Be sure to also ask us about Video production for your business.  Our services include script writing, creative consulting, video filming, special effects and recording.  We provide on-site and in-studio services.  Our cameras are broadcast grade and we are equipped with various microphones including discrete lapel mics to boom poles for more cinematic productions.  We have an array of light and special effects offering to video for web and television broadcast use.

In addition to providing great product photography, we also provide commercial video and headshots services.  Realtors especially like this offering as we produce realtor headshots as graphic design elements for various marketing uses.  As we remove the background in an image leaving only the transparency layer, you can impose your photo into PowerPoint presentations, web sites or any print or graphic design composition.

Our Toronto commercial photography studio is located near the DVP and Eglinton near the 401 and 404. We are equipped and skilled to meet your entire commercial and product photography needs.  We have experience in producing advertising photography for some of Canada’s largest brands.  We are a trusted and insured player in the product photography business with a wealth of positive business reviews.

For your next commercial photography assignment, contact Jules Marketing & Design Inc.

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