Cheap Bulk Product Photography on Pure White

Cheap Toronto Bulk Product Photography Pure White - Toronto Commercial  Photography StudioJules Design is a leading Toronto Commercial Photography studio.  We specialize at producing cheap product photography on pure white.


Starting at $4 per image, customers requiring a hundred or more images with minimal staging and editing needs can get amazing product shots at a fraction of the industry standard prices.  It should be noted that we hate calling this offering cheap because it implies the quality is bad; the fact is, it is actual very good and the pricing is awesome.  Unfortunately, cheap often correlates to rock bottom pricing, so we are referring to it in this way because you likely sought out this search term on Google.

As a leading Toronto commercial photography studio, we take pride in our efficient and precise workflows.  Unlike many other Toronto photographers, we have a colour managed workflow, so our colours are highly accurate.  We measure the light colour and intensity and we calibrate our imaging tools often to make sure our output is consistent and correct.

A colour-managed workflow is a big deal.  Many businesses have Pantones or specific hues that represent their organization.  After all the time and energy your company spent on branding, you want to know for sure that the colours on your screen coincide with the brand standards defined by your organization.

In another circumstance, colour-management is important for liability reasons.  If for example, you were a door manufacture and you ship out and installed a cherry-wood door.  The catalogue however, indicates a door with a chestnut colour; in this case, the client may have legal grounds to reject the product due to misrepresentation.  Because of this, your business may need to bare the cost of the door, the removal and the installation fee.  This is a big and unnecessary expense because your company hired a photographer that did not understand colour workflows.  Colour is so important and customers have an expectation that your images will be accurate.  Failing that and you open yourself to potential liability.

Our Toronto commercial photography studio is located near the DVP and Eglinton.  Drop off the product here or mail it in.  Alternatively, participate in the photo-session to get the images exactly as you want them.  Call Jules Design today to discuss your next commercial photography project.  We also encourage you to visit our studio to assess our capabilities.  As your commercial photographer is an extension of your marketing department, get to know us to see if we bode well with your marketing vision.

Cheap Bulk Product Photography on Pure White

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