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Toronto Product Photography

Thank you for visiting Toronto’s best choice for product photography!  This page contains links & information to our many product photography solutions.   

  • Product Photography on Pure White
  • Lifestyle Product Photography
  • Amazon Product Photographs
  • Food, Fashion & Furniture Photography
  • In-Studio and On-Location
  • Graphic Design

Product Photography is a catchall word for various forms of commercial imaging.
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Our service is your gateway to more business opportunities.

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Jules Oille is a Toronto commercial product photographer and owner of Jules Design.
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Product Photography Pricing:

Product Photos
on Pure White

$20 Each

⋅ Shadow & Reflection
Add $2 Per Photo

Toronto Product Photography

Amazon Listings
Product Photos

Packs from $420

Photos on Pure White, Infographic & Lifestyle Images

Toronto Amazon Product Photography Studio

Cosmetic Photography

Staged Photos $100/ hr

Cosmetic Photos on White
$22 each

Use our props or bring your own

Toronto Staged Lifestyle Product Photography

Food Photography
& Menu Graphics Design

$100/ hr
+ $50 Studio Prep

Food Stylist Optional

Toronto Menu Board Restaurant Product Photographer

Bulk Product Photography

$5 to $12 +/-
per image

⋅ Calculated at $100/ hr
Flat Rates Available

Toronto Bulk Product Photographger

Jewelry and Watch
Product Photography

$10 to $20 +/-
per image

⋅ Calculated at $100/ hr
Flat Rates Available

Toronto Jewelry Product Photographer

Lifestyle Photography
On Humans or Product

$100/ hr + $50 setup 

⋅ Models from $299
⋅ Locations + Props Extra

Toronto Mississauga Lifestyle Product Photographer

Fashion Photography
With Models

$7-$12 +/- per image

⋅ Based on $100/ hr + $50 setup
⋅ Models Extra from $299

Toronto Fashion Photography Using Models

Ghost Mannequin Photography

⋅ $60 each
⋅ Clean images; focus just on the merchandise.

Ghost Mannequin & Flat Garment Product Photography Toronto

Flat Clothing Photography

$20 each or $100/ hr

⋅ Cool low-cost selling photos
⋅ Shoot with us; add $50 setup

Toronto Flat Clothing Product Photography

Carpet Product Photography

$25 Each or $100/hr

⋅ Hourly Rate add $50 setup
⋅ Flat Rates Available

Toronto Carpet Photographer

Furniture Photography & Lifestyle Product Pics

$25 each or $100 / hr

⋅ Hourly Rate add $50 setup
⋅ + On Location or Studio Fee

Toronto Furniture Photography

Client Hosted
In-Studio Product Photography

$100 per hour
⋅ Shoot with a Photographer & Direct What You Want
Add $50 setup

Toronto photo studio photograph with the photographer

On-site Product Photography

First Hour $600
$100 subsequent hour
⋅ Assist in the photo-session
⋅ We built a studio at your place of business

Toronto On-location Product Photographer

360 Rotating Product Photography / Video

$100 each
⋅ Cool Interactive Product Photos
⋅ No Flash
⋅ Smart Phone Friendly
Present the entire product in a single picture

Toronto 360 Product Photography Studio

Staged Product Photos
Assist in the Shoot

$100/ hr + $50 setup

Create amazing hero shots of your product.  We provide creative leadership, advanced lighting, camera and graphics services to produce head-turning photos. 

Toronto Cosmetic Product Photography Studio

Minimum order $400 for all Photo & Video Projects.
Additional Fees may apply. Prices shown do not include HST.

There is no minimum order for graphics design, consulting and creative development projects

Other services by our Toronto Product Photography Studio

Graphic Design ⋅ Video ⋅ Creative Writing Learn more

We combine product photography, video, and graphic design to create compelling media with impact. Unlike most agencies, we do not have to send our camera or design projects to a third-party.  We are equipped to do it all in-house.

By working with Jules Design, you are closer to the development process.  Working with us this way helps you retain creative control, faster turnaround and get your work done at a lower cost. 

Use our images for all of your Amazon, eCommerce and print marketing needs.  

Some of our graphics solutions include:

  • Infographics– Informative images that combine pictures, graphics, and text.
  • Cinemagraph and Animated Gif – Photo & Videos with repeating movements or scenes.
  • Explosion Diagrams –a picture that shows the assembly of an object in various parts slightly separated by space.
  • 360-degree rotating product videos and animations – HTML, JavaScript or MPG4 videos of a rotating object
  • Lifestyle Images with Graphic Model– to subvert the need (and cost) for a human model.
  • Faux lifestyle images are Lifestyle Photos made entirely by computer graphics to avert set building and off-site productions costs.
  • Composite Images– Building a product photo using multiple images.
  • Hybrid Images are images that use a variety of graphic design techniques as described above.

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As an expert commercial product photographer, customers will not always get the adequate service they need. Before committing to a photo studio, visit the studio and commercial photographer. Gauge your ability to work with the photographer, their equipment and skills.

Toronto Product Photography Reviews.

See what our customers have to say:

I went to Jules to get some product shots done for my online storefront and am very pleased with the results. He set aside a considerable amount of time (3-4 hours for ~25 shots) to ensure a thorough and detailed process instead of a rushed job. He's a cool guy and very knowledgeable as well, I learned a good bit just by watching him work. He's also open to collaboration and made sure we were on the same page before moving forward to a next shot. As for the studio itself, its comfortable, clean and organized. Overall, he offers competitive prices and professional work.
Zack Belmont
Zack Belmont
14:12 17 May 19
Jules is a living, breathing SuperNova of photography--rare & brilliant. Consummate professional in all regards. Quality results. Unbelievable service. Honest, decent pricing. Super skilled & knowledgeable. Catch him while you can! Jules Marketing & Design does all the product photography for our company, Buhbli Organics, as well as private label projects we're working on as we continue to expand our business in North America. Jules Design has earned our trust and we wouldn't think of working with anyone else for all of our product photography projects. A million thanks, Jules. You're the best!
Michelle Gojkovich
Michelle Gojkovich
16:03 20 Apr 19
He's an awesome Toronto Product Photographer. We send all our products to Jules as he does it right. Thank you again. Until next time.
04:18 17 Apr 19
My name is Muneeb and I used Jules Marketing to do a project for me. Instantly I connected with him as he was a professional and was very prompt and fast in getting back. The day the shoot took place he gave lots of input and was very very knowledgable and creative. He also had an amazing personality and did an amazing job in product photography fo rmy product. I give him a 10/10 and you should be comfortable if you want the best VALUE for the best price. !!
Jetsetlife Group
Jetsetlife Group
23:09 14 Mar 19
Jules Design does great quality work and is a pleasure to work with. Jules always provides his thoughts and suggestions on how to create the ideal shots and will not stop until he is personally satisfied with the results. Moreover he is very understanding of short notice requirements and tries to find ways to accommodate as much as possible. Thanks Jules!
Jun Hofilena
Jun Hofilena
21:42 12 Mar 19
Jules did a fantastic job taking product photographs. He provides great insight, information, advice, iseasy to talk to and work with. He's also creative in his approach. I'll be approaching him in the near future for additional products once they are ready. Thanks Jules!
17:57 08 Mar 19
This is the third time I hired a product photographer and with Jules Design, there was a significant (better) difference. Here they proposed ideas to make cool marketing images not just more pics of my merchandise. Moreover, they were able to produce infographs and lifestyle images, something the other guys just don’t offer.Jules Design tied graphic design and photography together to make cohesive product photos that will definitely help me land more amazon conversions. They were also super organized, easy to work with and the studio experience was really cool. Best of all, they pick up the phone; all the other guys were always impossible to reach quickly.Price wise they were a bit more expensive but I definitely got better value because now I don’t need to find, hire and pay a graphic artist.I definitely recommend Jules Design.
Joseph Delplavignano
Joseph Delplavignano
22:09 06 Feb 19
Jules Design did such an amazing job for me and made the process so easy. I checked out a few other studios and most of them were sort of confusing to deal with. Most of them were not very forthright with creative ideas and lots of them only responded to me by email. When I really needed to talk to someone, Jules Design gave me the personal touch to inspire confidence for me to hire and work with them.I definitely will use them again and I highly recommend.
Elisangela Melo
Elisangela Melo
19:05 07 Jan 19
Working with Jules was a pleasure. He is an expert in his field and provides great customer service. His turn around time was only 2 days and he sat with me to colour correct a few photos to ensure i was fully satisfied. He went above and beyond by giving me great marketing ideas and ways to use the product photos for Instagram.
priyanka khimasia
priyanka khimasia
18:14 10 Dec 18
I contacted Jules to see if I could get my photos done for my product. I had told him that I had my photos done elsewhere and the colour was off. Instead of convincing me to redo my photos he told me that he could save me money and that I should send him my photos via email so that he could take a look at them. Within an hour he sent me back the photos at no charge and had corrected them all! I had about six hours of editing previously done on these photos and nothing could be done. I am extremely impressed and grateful to him and will definitely be working with him in the future.
Sabina K
Sabina K
01:28 10 Nov 18
I had a great experience for my first time shooting product photography with Jules. He was a great communicator, professional, competitively priced and delivered our files ahead of schedule. We will work together again.
A.J. Jamani
A.J. Jamani
15:01 02 Nov 18
Jules provides a professional service from the get go to the finish. He is prompt, honest and transparent. I loved working with them, his knowledge and experience was beyond expectation. I highly recommend to everyone who looks for a quick and high-quality solution for their products photos. I look forward to work with him again!
Rita Rubin
Rita Rubin
18:20 24 Oct 18
Jules Marketing & Design is the place to go for product photography. Jules was a great guy to work with. We received exceptional customer service and great advice on the spot during our studio photography session. We did an in-person photo shoot with him for our start up company and the photos turned out better than what we could have expected. We use his shots on our social media and they always get a tremendous response from our followers.
Khushtinder Saran
Khushtinder Saran
00:27 30 Aug 18
Shooting with Jules is rare pleasure. Having worked with numerous photographers in the industry prior, my time shooting with Jules is among the most organized and professional I’ve witnessed to date. My pictures all seem to ‘pop’, as Jules knows how to frame and capture his subject at its best for brilliant results. Highly recommended for outstanding product or personal photography.
Kurt Bradley
Kurt Bradley
22:28 06 Aug 18
Jules Marketing and Design delivered as promised.Our products never looked this great!Quality photography, professional level of service, equipment and setup.In-dept knowledge of current trends and swift execution of any and allon-the-spot creative requests. Jules' models were a dream to work with,and Jules' professionalism tops it all.Quality - customer service - you will find it all at Jules'.
Gabor Zoltan
Gabor Zoltan
16:16 06 Aug 18
Jules has an eye for detail and cares deeply about his craft and output. I have worked with him many times and in each case he has delivered very high quality shots. He’s never let me down. If you care about getting professional photographs, then go to Jules.
Steve Harjula
Steve Harjula
14:15 17 Jul 18
Amazing service, quick response time & very knowledgeable about GS1! We love going to our yearly photography session, its a lot of fun and Jules gets the job done in a professional and timely manner, time is a big thing for us because we work with ice cream and it's important it does not melt.. His understanding of light reflection so that the products are always looking its best is incredible. Would 100% recommend his service!
Jillian Scates
Jillian Scates
14:07 16 Jul 18
Jules did some product photography for me… Phenomenal work! This guy helped me come up with cool concepts for my product shots. He brainstormed with me to make the concept really my own. As a young entrepreneur, he also gave me some free constructive business advice and recommended literature to read which was a welcomed plus. If you are looking for a great Toronto Product Photography company run by an affable photographer then look no further, Jules Design is the place to go. Will definitely be working with him in the future.
Chris Lyons
Chris Lyons
13:36 22 Jun 18
Excellent service, very professional. I used Jules for some product shots for our website. He had lots of great ideas during our photo shoot, and the resulting shots were perfect. Fast turnaround, very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend his services
Stephanie Craig
Stephanie Craig
18:05 23 May 18
Super professional. Goes the extra mile with styling, advice, props, setup, etc. Fun experience every time. Full package - post-production is excellent. Been back many times for food and product photography.
19:09 25 Apr 18
First class service!Before finding Jules, I almost sent my product over to Vancouver to get photos done. Didn't really know what I would get and for that reason I had to do some more digging to find quality photographer in the GTA area. Thankfully I found Jules who immediately booked me in since I was short on time. I was able to participate in the shot which was major. He was very open to my ideas as much as I was open to his.Overall, Jules was very friendly and exceeded my expectations by far. So I would definitely recommend him to anyone that's looking for top quality photographer. He won't disappoint! Looking forward to our next project Jules.Cheers!
Ahmed Jeylan
Ahmed Jeylan
12:53 23 Apr 18
I have worked with other product photographers in the past and none compare to Jules Design. Most did not have the professionalism and focus to deliver what I wanted. Jules offered creative solutions to merchandise my product better at a lower price to increase conversions. When I worked with him at his commercial photography studio, he was well equipped and receptive to my ideas. Although he helped me through the photography project, I felt in-charge and he enabled me to get what I want. Jules Design also provided me with graphic design and video services. This was very useful because I didn’t need to find another vendor. Because Jules Design does the photo, video and graphics, we were able to create a cohesive visual marketing campaign. No doubt about it, Jules Design is a very capable Toronto Product Photography studio. If you are looking for a great commercial photographer, use Jules Design. He will not let you down.
Martha Preston
Martha Preston
19:25 21 Apr 18
Jules was very professional and had great ideas about the product photo shoot. I enjoyed working with him. Will be back with the next product soon.
Akbar Khan
Akbar Khan
02:14 27 Mar 18
Very professional skills and attitude on jobs. It's always happy to work with Jules Design on photos and graphics. The whole process is effective. Thanks Jules! -FROM BILL.H.
22:05 01 Mar 18
Jules was great. Friendly, fast, economical, and he had ideas to make the photos look better that I much appreciated. Two thumbs up!
Nina Malayil
Nina Malayil
14:36 26 Feb 18
I got over and above from what I expected to achieve! Jules had great suggestions and creative ideas that I could not have considered on my own. Very well equipped studio and superb service. Great value for the money I spent on my project with Jules Marketing & Design.
Alexandre Alexandrov
Alexandre Alexandrov
15:01 11 Feb 18
It was a Wonderful experience. The care and enthusiasm demonstrated was catching. I have no reservation recommending Jules. He does very good work.
David Joyette
David Joyette
23:15 05 Feb 18
Really a pleasure to work with you Jules!Great photography and digital content insight. Produced great quality product images for my website. Really fast turnaround time and excellent customer service.Will be recommending to others and looking forward to our future photo shoots together!
Phillip Kahan
Phillip Kahan
20:04 20 Dec 17
I'm helping out a friend with an online store and we needed to find a new Toronto product photographer. The last one was no good at getting the colours right and it was so hard to get the person on the phone; seems like they only wanted to communicate via email!So I sought a new Toronto product photography company and found Jules Design. Jules was quick to respond and provided useful feedback. He also asked good questions about my business, staging and the look and feel I wanted to achieve. This business was a good fit for us because they allowed us to participate in the photoshoot as we needed to get some shots done just right. The studio experience was convenient and fun. When the project was complete the colours were right on and we got the files ready immediately useful for our online store and package design.It was a pleasure working with Jules Design; I totally recommend him if you need to get any product shots done!
Alex Winiarski
Alex Winiarski
16:06 19 Sep 17
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