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Toronto Ghost-Mannequin Photography &
Flat-Garment Photo-Studio

Toronto Fashion Photographer • Catalogue Fashion Photography

We offer a range of fashion photos solutions with models, on ghost-mannequins and laid-flat.Learn More

Customers can choose a flat-rate or participate in the photography project to reduce production costs.  Our studio location is at the Toronto Fashion District near Dufferin and the 401. 

On project completion, we provide you with the images graphic-design ready in high and web-ready resolution for your various marketing needs. For more information, contact Jules Design. 

Toronto Fashion Photographer with expertise in fashion photography, including ghost mannequin images and lifestyle fashion photography. Use our graphic images for clothing fashion catalogues, sell-sheets, marketing collateral, tradeshow exhibits and more. We offer in-studio and on-location fashion photography serving the GTA.  We provide our clothing photography images as graphic-design ready photos in various file formats for various communication applications. 

If you are looking for an expert Brampton, Markham Mississauga Fashion Photographer or Toronto Ghost Mannequin Photography studio, with competitive Toronto fashion photography rates, look no further. We are the best Toronto Fashion Photography studio ready to serve your urgent needs.

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Dufferin and the 401 Toronto •  111 Tycos Dr. Unit 105

Toronto Ghost Mannequin & Flat Garment Photography Studio
  • Ghost-Mannequin Photography Rates

    $60 Each 

  • Flat-Garment Photography Rates

    $25 each or Bulk-rates from $4 per image

Keep Your Production Costs Down.  Bring your garments steamed and clean!

Steaming and cleaning is a chargeable service, so If production cost is a significant consideration for your fashion photography project, be sure to bring your garments steamed and clean. 

Bulk prices are based on a shop rate of $100 per hour for photo & editing services + a $50 setup fee and masking services if applicable.  Minimum order is $400 + HST

Ghost-Mannequin Photography

Ghost-Mannequins clothing photography is an exciting way to present your garments to the world.

It is the ultimate photography method to focus the customer’s attention exclusively onto the product.  Learn More

In a product photo with no model, there is race or gender to demographically bias the market acceptance of the product.  The product receives all the attention. 

Due to the greater production requirements, ghost mannequin images are more expensive to produce. Consequently, customers with many garments and small budgets may want to consider alternative solutions.  In this circumstance, Jules Design recommends flat clothing photography or human model fashion photography.

Toronto Ghost Mannequin Clothing Photographer
Toronto Ghost Mannequin & Fashion Photographer
Mississauga Markham Fashion Photography Ghost Mannequin
Mississauga Toronto Phantom Ghost Mannequin
Toronto Markham Brampton Ghost-Mannequin-photography studio
Toronto Ghost Mannequin Photo Studio
Toronto Ghost Mannequin Fashion Photographer Brampton Mississauga Markham
Toronto, Markham, Mississauga Ghost Mannequin, Flat-Garment, or Model Fashion Photographer

Which fashion photography method works best for your budget and brand? Call Jules Design now to discuss.  647-997-2793

Flat-Clothing Photography

Present garments on-line and in print as you would in-store.  Flat-clothing photography is an inexpensive method to produce many clothing catalogue images. 

Depending on your application and budget, we can produce the product photos on a stylized or pure white background and folded in a method of your choosing.  Learn More

Clients are welcome to participate and assist in the photography session to direct the staging of their products and to reduce the production costs.  For large projects, we can provide two batches of images, with and without product SKUs, to facilitate sell-sheet creation.  

Toronto Flat Clothing Fashion Photographer
Mississauga Markham Brampton Flat Shirt Product Photographer
Toronto Fashion Garment Clothing Product Photographer Studio
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