Toronto Carpet Photography Rates: $25 Each or $100/hr

Toronto Product Photography Studio

We produce carpet photography for marketing use. Our images feature high colour accuracy, even light distribution and minimal lens distortion.

  • Basic Lifestyle Image or
    Carpet Product Photo on Pure White 
  • Instudio Hourly Rate add $50 for setup
  • On-Location Service Available
    Add $500 + location fee rental if applicable 

Minimum Order $400 + HST

We are Toronto Carpet Photographers.  We produce beautiful rug photographs that help our customers sell more.

Our images feature high colour accuracy, even light distribution and minimal lens distortion. We offer in-studio or on-location carpet photography including lifestyle images.

Detail Shot Carpet Photographer Toronto Mississauga Markham

We offer industry leading camera resolution to provide amazing image detail. A single photo can yield a marvellous wide and detail image.  Closeup photos are important because your customers need to see the quality built into your merchandise.

We also offer graphic design services to impose your images into pre-existing or stock lifestyle photos.


We do all sorts of carpet photography including:

  • Direct Overtop 
  • Angled Overtop &
  • Lifestyle Carpet Photography.

Give your customer the information they need to make a buying decision.  Multiple angles of view such as an overtop carpet photo or an angled image can give the customer the confidence to buy. 


Visit our studio and see, how our studio is uniquely optimized for rug photography.  Similarly, we also offer ceramic tile, wood floor and furniture photography


Carpet Lifestyle Photography

Jules Design offers three standard options for Lifestyle photography:

  1. Photograph the carpets (in-studio) and impose the floor-coverings into a pre-existing lifestyle stock images 
  2. Site-scout a location or use a place of your choosing to perform an on-location photo shoot. 
  3. Apply your carpet to an in-studio wood floor to present your carpet in a practical application


Our Product Photos Feature High Colour Accuracy

You need colour accurate product images.  As your customers often purchase using only a photo to decide, they expect relative colour accuracy. 

Giving your customer inaccurate images can be costly.  Unhappy customers return products and leave bad reviews; all of which hurt your business.

Canadian Carpet photographer for eCommerce marketing

Photograph your carpet on a faux wood floor to give it a “lifestyle photo” feel.


A Colour Managed Workflow

With Jules Design, we use a colour managed workflow.  Moreover, we measure the light distribution across the products when we photograph it.  To you, this means you won’t see weird darker spots on the product photo.   Colours will be spot-on. 

If you require specific Pantone PMS colour accuracy, please let us know when communicating the project scope.  Clients are also welcome to participate in the editing process.  This service aspect is popular with customers who want to enhance or promote features on the product photos.

Markham Brampton Mississauga Toronto carpet angled photographer


For your next carpet photography project, give us a call.

Our studio is located in central Toronto near the DVP and Eglinton.  Clients often deliver the carpet to our studio for imaging and sometimes they participate in the photo session.  Either way, our business solutions are designed to accommodate you.


Toronto Carpet Photography Studio

Jules Marketing & Design Inc.

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Toronto Ontario
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T: 647.997.2793

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