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Canadian GS1 Food Service Photography

We provide Food Service Photography & Marketing Images for new and current subscribers to GS1 Canada’s ECCnet database.  Learn More

We offer on-location & in-studio service. Our service includes photography, image editing (following GS1 standards) and file submission. 

Our studio location is in central Toronto, however, we provide our service across Canada.  Additionally, we offer consulting services for domestic and international organizations seeking expertise to interpret the GS1 Canada standards. 

For manufacturers and distributors, we are a convenient alternative to GS1 Canada.  We simplify the process and eliminate your need to ship product across Canada.  Moreover, we help organizations to expedite and reduce the associated waste to make ECCnet images. 

Call us to discuss your GS1 Food Service and marketing image project today.

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We are a Toronto commercial product photography company specializing in GS1 Product Photography.
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Food Service Canada Product Photography

Great Rates • On-Site or In-studio Service • We Prep & Submit the files to GS1 • Super Easy

Jules Marketing & Design Inc. is not in any way affiliated with GS1 or its affiliates. Jules Design is a third-party contractor that offers Canadian foodservice photography and marketing images that comply with GS1 Standards. GS1 Canada, ECCnet Registry, ECCnet ProSYNC® and ECCnet ProLYNC® are registered trademarks of GS1 Canada.

Toronto Food Service Photography Rates

Prices do not include HST

Projected Costs:

  • $30 per image
  • The average GTIN has 3.25 images
  • Estimated imaging cost per GTIN = $97.25
    On-location minimum order $1000

Service Includes:

  • Photography
  • File Preparation following GS1 Standards
  • File Submission to GS1
    Product requiring advanced staging, editing and colour correction are subject to the shop rate of $100 per hour.
Ontario Toronto Manitoba BC Quebec Canadian Food Service Photography following GS1 ECCnet standards

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The Food Service Photography Offer:

  • In-Studio or On-Site Service
    (On-site Photography service available for orders over $1000)
  • We will photograph, rename and edit the images following the GS1 Canada Food Service ECCnet imaging standards
  • We will then submit your image files to ECCnet (GS1 Canada)
  • On request, we provide you with the images in high-resolution JPG and TIF file format
  • Estimated Project Completion Time: 5-10 Business Days or Less (usually 5)
On-location Canadian GS1 Food Photography Service Toronto Ontario Quebec

The on-site photography process

We build a studio at your place of business or designated place.  Common photo setups spots include boardrooms, warehouses and even third-party cold storage facilities across the country.

Toronto Canadian Food Service Photography following GS1 ECCnet standards

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We know the GS1 imaging standards

Jules Design is familiar with GS1’s Food Service Photography Standards and we guarantee our work. 

Ask us about Food Service imaging, eCommerce photos, planogram images, marketing images and nutritional image captures.  Following the GS1 Canada ECCnet Imaging standards, we will photograph, mask, name, and modify your pictures accordingly.

When the project is complete, Jules Design will submit your images electronically to GS1 Canada for evaluation on your behalf.

Toronto Seafood Food Service Photographer following GS1 Canada Standards

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Photo service anywhere in Canada

Enjoy the convenience of an on-site studio set-up at your place of business to photograph your product(s). Your merchandise never leaves your facility.

Service Benefits

  • Eliminate the cost to ship the merchandise
  • Own the pictures. Use them afterwards for marketing.
  • Reduce product shrink; the merchandise is never removed from inventory
  • Save time and avoid frustration; we take care of the process for you!
Produce Food Service Photography Mississauga Markham Brampton Commercial Photos

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GS1 Canada ECCnet Food Service Photographer Toronto Quebec Alberta Ontario

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following the GS1 Product Imaging standards, Toronto Commercial Photography, Food Photographer Toronto

*GS1 ECCnet Food Service Photography following GS1 Standards.   Some conditions apply Learn More

  • Prices do not include HST.
  • Upon completion of the product photography project, and payment in full, The Client will own the image copyrights without restrictions.
  • The prices cited on this page are a guide only to the fees charged by Jules Marketing & Design
    Inc.  As every project is unique, some projects may require individual quotations.
  • For Food Service images, this offer does not include the $30 load fee into ECCnet or the $100 Disk
    evaluation fee.
  • To produce the GS1 images, we will open and reseal cases. Individual packages will be opened and may be irreparable and not adequate for re-sell. Jules Marketing & Design Inc. will not be held responsible for the replacement cost of any merchandise.
  • The number of photos required for each product is dependent on how many packaging levels are associated with the product. Packages with a French and English side will need two photos for each marketing face.

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