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We integrate graphic design with portrait photography to give you a wider breadth of applications for your images.  Promote your brand more with Toronto business headshots by Jules Design. 
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We provide in-studio and on-location portrait photography service.  Our studio is near the DVP & Eglinton.  Our goal is to make images that will connect you with your target audience.

Our service is your gateway to more business opportunities.

Toronto • Markham • Brampton • Mississauga

Toronto Realtor Portrait Photography • Toronto Corporate Headshot Photographer • Toronto Business Portraits

Realtor Photographer Toronto

Above: For real estate agent headshots and other commercial portrait projects, we trace you out of the image to expose a pure white or transparent background for image overlays like this.

Toronto Professional Headshot Photography Rates:

Realtor & Mortgage Broker Portrait Photos

$299 + HST / In-Studio
100+ Session Images
25 Colour Corrected Images
5 Advanced Edited with Pure White Background / Removed

Brampton Markham Toronto Realtor Portrait Headshots for Marketing

Executive Portrait Photography

$299 + HST / In-Studio
100+ Session Images
25 Colour Corrected Images
5 Advanced Edited with Pure White Background / Removed

Comp Card Design + Photography

$299 + HST / In-Studio
100+ Session Images
3 Advanced Edited Images
Comp Card Design
Card Prints Extra

Mississauga COMPCARD Photographer Toronto Markham

Corporate Group Photography

$100/ Hr + $500 On-Location Fee + HST
Photos Shot at your place of business. Customizable Service and Expert Results!   

Mississauga Toronto Markham Brampton Group Corporate Photos

The Executives & Realtor Portrait Photography Package:

$299 + HST for In-Studio Service
(On-location service available at additional cost)

This includes a 1-hour session + ½ hour prep + ½ hour wrap up & image editing

  • Studio Location: DVP & Eglinton
  • We shoot about 100+ photos
    Or as many as possible within 1 hour
    + 1/2 hour prep time + 1/2 hour wrap up
    (you keep the session photos if you want them)

    You pick the best 25 photographs for colour correction; of the 25, pick 5 for advanced editing including background removal.

  • We colour correct and crop the images to make you look great! These images will be usable for LinkedIn profiles, business cards, web design, etc…

  • Approximate turn-around time:

    5-10 business days (usually less than 5 days)

  • Prints Extra
  • On-Site Service Available

    Shop rate $100 per hour or for on-location projects add $500

Printed Comp Card Rates:

Photography services extra

· 8 x 10 Inch Prints

· 14 pt Card Stock

· 1 or 2 sided printing

· Matte / Glossy

· 100 prints: $200

· 250 prints $250

· 500 Prints $350

· 1000 Prints $390

· Prices do not include HST; payment-in-full required on orders
· Price subject to change without notice.

Toronto Realtor Headshot Photography

Our realtor headshots are more than just portraits.

In real-estate sales, your brand is everything.  Since familiarity breeds affinity, your face should be in all of your ads to warm new prospects.  With headshots by Jules Design, we trace you out of the picture to impose you into a powerful marketing image. Learn More

Use our headshots to produce billboard ads, web site art, marketing collateral or PowerPoint design components.  We specialize in creating business portraits that are graphic design ready for print, digital and web layouts.

Our images are clean, colour accurate and designed to integrate into any Microsoft or Adobe application. We provide on location or in-studio photography. Our studio location is near the DVP and Eglinton.

For your next business portrait session, contact Jules Marketing & Design.
647-997-2793 [email protected] 

Toronto Realtor Photographer Infographic with a real estate agent
How to promote your personal realtor brand Toronto Markham Brampton Mississauga

Image Above: Your brand is everything in real estate sales.  We remove the background in our realtor portraits so you can impose you (and your brand) into your marketing content.

Image Above: Hold our blank sign and impose your core selling propositions into your marketing ads.

Mississauga realtor portraits headshot Business Portraits
Toronto Markham Brampton Headshots for Mortgage Brokers and Realty Agents
Real estate agent portrait Markham Mississauga Business Portraits
A realtor portrait with real estate sign
Toronto Actress Realtor Agent Headshot-Photography
The Best Portrait Photography Service for Realtors Toronto
Toronto Real-Estate Agent Photographer
Markham Toronto Real-Estate Agent Headshot Business Headshots
Toronto Brampton Markham Mississauga Mortgage Broker Portrait Photographer

Branded Headshots on Coloured Backgrounds

Stand out of the crowd with distinct headshots.  We offer backdrops with colours to make your portrait photo pop!

Mississauga Markham Toronto Branded Headshots Portrait Photography on Blue
Mississauga Brampton Toronto Branded Headshots Portrait Photography on Orange
Markham Mississauga Brampton Toronto kids portrait photographer on pink
Toronto Mississauga Brampton Branded Headshots Portrait Photography on Red

Toronto Corporate & Business Portraits

Look your best for LinkedIn profiles, press releases or corporate events.  Business Portraits by Jules Design are customizable depending on your needs.  We offer corporate groups and one-on-one headshots in-studio and on-location.  Group Rates Available.  Learn More

For corporate clients, an on-location photos shoot at your office is often a popular choice.  Getting all of the employees together to a photo studio is not always viable. To make things easier, we come to you.

One by one, we photograph each staff member. Afterwards, and to facilitate the process, we let the employee pick their preferred photo. We also offer image editing and skin retouching so people can look their best.

Visit the Toronto group portrait photography page.

Executive Business Headshots Toronto Markham Brampton Mississauga
Toronto Executive Portrait Photography Markham Brampton Mississauga
Toronto Mississauga Executive Staff Corporate Photography Markham Brampton Mississauga
Corporate Group Lawyer and Business Photographer Toronto Brampton Markham
Toronto business portraits and Commercial headshot Photographer Mississauga Brampton Markham
Toronto's best headshots and portrait photography service Markham Brampton Mississauga
Toronto Law Firm Corporate Legal Portrait Photographer Markham Brampton Mississauga
Executive Portrait Photos Toronto Markham Brampton Mississauga

Toronto Kids & Actor Headshot Photography

Actor comp cards by Jules Design includes a montage of your best photos with text to highlight your qualifications and contact details.  Learn More

Comp cards are useful to directors and casting agents because they can quickly assess your suitability for a role.  For you, they are a visual extension of your actor’s resume that explicitly communicates what you are and arent.

A typical comp card photo session.

A typical actor comp card photo session lasts about one hour.  This gives you enough time for about three outfit changes.  Do note; the more outfit changes you take, the less time you will have for your photos!  If all goes as planned, we should be able to produce about 100 to 200 images.   

As we shoot, you will be able to see your new photos on a live monitor.  This instant feedback is useful to help us determine your best portrait style (angles, smiles, poses, etc).

After the photo session and payment, you can keep the photo session images we produced.  Of the series, pick 3, and Jules Design will design your comp card.  With these 3 images, we will further edit to make you look your best.  Let us know any text you want to include on it including your name, height, skills, phone number or web site.  These all could be the useful things a casting agent needs to know to land your next big gig!

For more on actor comp cards contact us! 647-997-2793 [email protected]

Toronto Mississauga Markham Comp Card, Headshots, Photographer
Kids Headshot and compcard Markham Brampton Mississauga Toronto
Toronto Mississauga Brampton Markham Child actress headshot and portraits compcards
Studio headshot of a child actress Toronto Mississauga Markham Brampton
Portraits for Compcards and Auditions for actors, actress from Toronto Markham Mississauga
Best Headshots for Actors Toronto Compcard Design
Toronto Mississauga Brampton Markham Compcard Design for Actors Actress
Compcard Design, Actor headshots and portrait photography Toronto Mississauga Brampton Markham
Toronto Headshot Photographer for Social Media Profiles

Preparing for Headshots

  • Do a dress rehearsal at home in front of a mirror. Make sure your images represent you in a way that reflects your desired image.
  • Drink lots of water and be well rested (so your eyes will not have dark circles).
  • Arrive on time or arrive early. Arriving about 10 minutes early is nice
  • Arrive hair styled and makeup already applied (if not using makeup artist).

What to wear:

  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and that make you look great
  • Don’t overdress; avoid logos or branding
  • A simple solid colour (white, black coloured) shirt, blouse, dress is often a good option
  • Darker clothes attract less attention and put the attention on your face and eyes
  • Avoid patterns and large lines or stripes
  • No glitter
  • Blue/green/turquoise clothing can help emphasize blue/green/hazel eyes
  • A suit or jacket is great for a more professional look
  • Clothes should be neatly pressed and should look new or like new
  • For multiple looks, bring a variety of clothing that emphasizes different roles/characters (professional, blue-collar worker, intellectual, sexy, etc…)
  • Pay attention to details: layers, ties, belts etc
  • Different necklines will change the apparent shape of your face. Bring a variety of different shirts/blouses to see what works best
  • Turtlenecks are almost always a bad idea (since they crowd the face)
  • Don’t worry about shoes too much unless you specifically want a full-length look
  • For best results, use anti-reflective glasses; otherwise, reflections will show up in the photos

Hair and Makeup Tips:

  • Make-up should be clean and natural
  • Wear translucent powder to remove shine from your face (we have some in-studio)
  • Avoid frosts or garish colours
  • Do not try or use any new product on your hair, face or body the day before or a few days before your shoot
  • If you are under 16-years old, the only makeup you need is lip balm or lip-gloss
  • The camera catches everything; so be sure to pluck your nose hairs!
  • Women: Verify that you do not have any trace of a mustache
Toronto Lawyer Executive Business Portraits
Best Actress Headshots Toronto Photography Studio Compcard Design
Woman headshot

Toronto Headshot Photographer

Getting your portrait can seem daunting; we make it easy. We will walk you through the process and coach you on posing, attire and everything else. Call us to ask any question.

We are Toronto’s experts in portrait photography for business and acting professionals.

E: [email protected]
T: 647.997.2793

Actress Portait Photography And Compcard Design Toronto Mississauga Markham

More about Headshot Photography for Actors and Performers…

You and Your Headshots

Casting Directors use headshots to get a feel for an Actor’s type. The headshot should embrace your best qualities. Don’t dress or use make-up that covers your true nature; let the shot be true to you. And by all means, get new headshots if your look changes drastically and/or after a few years have passed. Misrepresenting yourself will only lead to trouble later in auditions.

Remember, headshots are not glamour shots.

The look should be natural, open, and compelling. Many times, Directors will judge you by your headshot; even before you are called to the audition! Let your photo speak for you and your abilities by being professional yet accessible.

Consider attaching a small note to your headshot; it could gain you a few extra moments of the Casting Director’s time. Although they are popular, do not use the envelopes with clear covers to ship your headshots. The idea behind these is that the Casting Director would not need to open your envelope to see your photo. Instead, She could throw away your picture before opening the content to read your resume.

Mississauga Markham Brampton Toronto Linkedin Social Media Headshots

Toronto Headshot Photography · Toronto Business Portraits
Compcard Design for Actors, Authors, Adults and Kids

25 Hollinger Road · Unit 8 ·Toronto · Ontario · M4B3N4
647.997.2793 · [email protected]

Toronto Actor and Actress Portfolio Headshots
Jules Design Actor and Actress Headshot Photography is a portrait photography service for performing professionals. We are Toronto Comp Card Designers and Headshot Photographers who photograph individuals for acting resumes and acting portfolios. We produce interesting headshots to grab the attention of prospective Casting Directors and Producers. Related words to our offering include portraits, headshots, head-shots, Comp-Cards Toronto, actors, actress, photography, photographer, modeling, portfolio, resume, curriculum vitae, etc.

The cities we serve include Toronto, the GTA, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Markham, Vaughn, and Richmond Hill and beyond and within Ontario Canada. Enjoy your next Toronto Actress Head-Shot Photography session with us. Relish your professional pictures as a keepsake or as part of your modeling headshots portfolio. Call us today for a free consultation at 647 997 2793 Toronto

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