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Lifestyle Product Photography Toronto

Lifestyle Photography • Lifestyle Video • Product • Furniture • Fashion • Food

Lifestyle Photography is a catchall term for photos that depict a situation with a degree of realism.  At Jules Design, we produce marketing lifestyle photos that drive sales. Learn More

We are a leading Toronto product photography studio specializing in commercial photography of all sorts.  We do Lifestyle Photos and Lifestyle Videos for Amazon, Food, Fashion, Furniture and more. 

We offer in-studio and on-location lifestyle photography serving the GTA including Mississauga, Markham, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Vaughn, Ontario and the Quebec region.

Our service is your gateway to more business opportunities.

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Why are lifestyle photos powerful?

Good commercial lifestyle photos are mirrors of society.  People relate and identify with good lifestyle photos.  We can also create them to sell to a target audience by implying emotional and functional benefits. Learn More

On a functional level, if there is an item for sale, the viewer can visualize how that offering would integrate into their life.  They can see the advantages and social implications of an offering.

On an emotional level, lifestyle images are compelling.  Since most people have an explicit self-concept of who they are, we tend to prefer and agree with things that share this opinion. 

When there is a dichotomy of what we think we are, versus what is actual, it can elicit an intense internal conflict.  When this happens, it can motivate us to buy to fill an identity gap.

“People don’t have ideas. Ideas have people.”
― Carl Jung

Moving Lifestyle Product Photography

Above: Use lifestyle photos to demonstratate the product in use.

Lifestyle Photography Rates

Prices do not include HST

In-Studio Base Package

  • $100 per hour (Photo & Editing Shop Rate)
    + $50 Studio Prep & Cleanup
  • Min Order $400

On-Location Price

(At your place of business or set location)

  • $500 On-Site Fee + $100 per hour
    (shipping & setup is part of the onsite fee)
  • Model from $300 per 1/2 day

Lifestyle Photography With Models

Lifestyle Photography with Models Toronto Markham Milton

We provide models for lifestyle photography projects on request. Learn More

Our models and rates are excellent compared to industry standards and we never burden our clients with copyright restrictions.

Should I do the lifestyle photo-shoot in-studio or on-location?
To save money, most customers prefer to produce lifestyle photos in-studio.  Learn More

Off-site shoots quickly get expensive due to associated production costs.  In-studio photo-shoots are easier to produce and therefore, less expensive. 

Jules Design has excellent solutions to keep your lifestyle photos impactful and economical.  Call us today to discuss your ideas.

Lifestyle Product Photography Types

There is an endless variation of lifestyle photography formats.  Below are examples of our prior work.

Infographic Lifestyle Images

Popularized on Amazon, Infographics lifestyle images are effective at demonstrating the applications and benefits of a product.  

Lifestyle Product Photography for Amazon Infographic Design Toronto Markham Milton

Food Lifestyle

Use lifestyle food photography to sell food or cooking equipment.  Visit our food photography page for more details on this specific service.  

Food Lifestyle Photography Toronto Mississauga

Furniture Lifestyle Photography

We offer full-service in-studio & on-location lifestyle furniture photography.  We produce images to specification for Costco, Wayfair, Amazon, Home Depot etc.

Toronto Lifestyle Furniture Photographer for Costco Wayfair Amazon

Cosmetic Lifestyle Photos & Video

Cosmetic lifestyle photography and videos can present the application, health, and beauty attributes regarding the product.

Cosmetic Lifestyle Product Photography

Fashion Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Fashion Photos are a workaround the traditional cliché catalogue look. Real backdrops add credibility, edge and a distinct branded look.

Fashion Photography Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Images Using Graphic Design

If set building and finding affordable models is not a feasible option, we can create lifestyle images using graphic design.  

Lifestyle Photography Using Graphic Design Toronto for Amazon

Sample Lifestyle Images 

Lifestyle images should be measured by their impact and not the degree of realism.

Canada Brampton Markham Toronto Lifestyle Furniture Photographer Wayfair Costco Home Depot
Mississauga BBQ Lifestyle Photographer
Home Depot Wayfair Lifestyle Furniture Photographer Toronto
Lifestyle glamour home photography
Toronto Lifestyle Kitchen Commercial Architectural Photographer
Vaughn Brampton Mississauga Toronto Bathroom Architectural Lifestyle Photographer
Mississauga Lifestyle Photographer
Toronto Kitchen Appliance Food Photographer
Toronto Kitchen Appliance Food Photographer
Amazon Lifestyle Photographer Toronto Markham Mississauga
Over-top Fashion Photography Lifestyle Image Toronto Photographer
Lifestyle Image Using Model Toronto
Lifestyle Photos with Graphic Design Backdrop
Lifestyle Food Photos Toronto Markham Mississauga Photographer Studio Sample Image
Lifestyle Photography Medical Supplies
Staged Lifestyle Product Photo on Pure White

Lifestyle photos on pure white are clean visuals for marketing collateral

Lifestyle Photos to sell on Amazon Markham Brampton

Inspire the customer’s imagination using lifestyle product photos.

Using models for Toronto Cosmetic Photography

Lifestyle image showing the product in use.

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