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Toronto Infograph designer for Amazon

All in house, we use models, photography and graphic design to produce infographs.

Canadian Toronto Amazon Infographic Designer

There is no telling how your customers will use your product. Even a benign package photo with measurements would be useful to gift givers who may send your product by post.

Toronto Amazon Product Photographer and Infographic Designer

Your product’s features are unknown to your customers. An infograph can present features about your product that may be missed in the written details.

eCommerce Infographc Designer Toronto

Use infographs to present technical details that are otherwise difficult to communicate in written text.

Toronto Infographic designer and product photographer for Amazon

Infographics make difficult explanations easy

The word infographic is a catch-all term for images that combine graphics with information
Infographics take on many forms from maps, weather charts, diagrams, bar-charts and more.   

Inforgraphs are powerful teaching tools.  Because humans are visual creatures, we take in images much faster than words.  Whereas words are sequential (slow) and linear, we internalize photos all at once.  In a world of fleeting customer attention, infographs are an effective tool to quickly communicate value.

Amazon and eCommerce merchants are champions at using  infographs to promote merchandise.  These vendors regularly use them to to communicate value in the products they sell. 

Common selling applications for infographs and secondary Amazon images include:

  • “Zoom-in” detail product shots
  • “What’s in the box” photos
  • Explosion diagrams
  • Picture with product or package dimensions
  • Communicating features & benefits on the product picture
  • Pictures that denote functionality and movement
  • Ect…

Your product’s features are unknown to your customers. An infograph can present details about your product missed in the written details.  Clear product descriptions with infographs reduce customer confusion, returns and bad reviews.  On the upside, they can help your achieve more sales.

Amazon "What's in the box" product photos

To manage customer expectations, outlining what your customers gets with their purchase is a useful secondary image.

Rules that govern infographic design for eCommerce sites

Many eCommerce sites have rules that govern the use of digital art on their platform.  For example, it is often not permitted to apply logos, websites or sales puffery in your marketing images.  Not following these guidelines can get your account terminated, suspended or your listing could get suppressed.  Therefore, select your graphic artists with caution.  Designers who are unfamiliar with your sales platform could bring jeopardy to your business.  Make sure your Amazon graphic artist has the appropriate experience and liability insurance to protect you from worst case possible outcomes.   

Get your graphics, marketing and photography all in one place.  Jules Design is a Toronto Product Photography company with an expertise in graphic design.  We produce persuasive infographics that sell.  We are familiar with the eCommerce imaging rules for Amazon, Shopify, eBay and others. 

With our master understanding of the images you need and want, we can produce all of your marketing image from scratch.  We produce custom product photos in our studio to explain by text and imagery your product’s story.  Sit down with us at our facility or correspond with us by phone or email.   Together we will develop the infographics you need to run your eCommerce business.

For more information on Toronto Infographic Design for Amazom, EBay, Shopify, Etsy and others eCommerce platforms, contact:

Toronto Markham Mississauga Amazon Product Photographer Explosion Diagrams

Explosion Diagrams are useful to present all of the hidden parts within a product. These images can be useful to sell replacements components or to demonstrate functionality and features.

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