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Toronto Product Photos on Pure White

If you need product photos on pure white, we do that.  We offer product image, food photos or lifestyle pictures on a white background.  We do bulk projects by the hour or per piece.  Read on below, see our portfolio or contact us to consider your next product photography project on “pure white”.

$25 Each or $100/hr

  • Add $2 per image for a reflection or shadow
  • In-studio Hourly Rate add $50 for setup
  • On-Location Service Available 
    Add $500 if applicable

Minimum Order $400 + HST

Learn More About What You Get

All project images include:

  • Pure white background images with a clipping path to remove the background.
  • Manicured images, including 10 heals per photo.
  • Delivered in 4 files formats:
    • Web Ready JPG
      Files for emailing and general web use.
    • Web Ready PNG
      A slightly bigger file than web ready JPGs but feature a transparency layer.
    • High-Resolution JPG
      Great for press releases.
    • High-Resolution TIF
      With a transparency layer ideal for graphic design use.
  • On payment-in-full, you own the full image copyrights without any usage restrictions.
  • Advanced Staging or additional editing available at $100 per hour.

Product Photography on Pure White Toronto Photo Studio

About Product Photography on Pure White

For a larger list of product photos on white click here

Product Images on White are the Marketing Standard

The product shot on pure white is the primary product photo.  Use these images for sell-sheets, print, eCommerce listings, displays, marketing collateral, overlays and more. 

Learn More About The Deliverables

Typically, we trace out of the picture with a clipping path.  With this process, the background is removed or made transparent for graphic-design overlays.  We can also add an optional reflection or shadow at an additional cost to improve the aesthetic appearance of the image.

Bulk versus Per Unit Product Photography Rates

We offer a variety of product photography solutions to accommodate your business needs. You can reduce your incremental cost by participating and assisting in the photography session. In doing so, you can also direct the creative production of your images.

Customers can also drop off their products at our studio for imaging at a flat rate or, participate in the photo session at the hourly shop rate.  On project completion, we will provide you with the images without Copywrite restriction ready for graphic-design use. 

The Typical File Format Deliverables:

  • High-Resolution TIFF or PSD (Photoshop Document) images with a transparent layer
  • High-Resolution JPGs with a white background 
  • Web-Ready JPGs with a white background (easier to email)
  • Web-Ready PNGs with a transparent layer 

Our product photographs feature highly accurate colour, sharpness and appealing light distribution. 

Toronto Chair Furniture Photo Service Photography Markham

Bulk Product Photography on Pure White
Price per image range from $4 to $15 +/-

For the Specific Bulk Product Photo Page Clicks Here

Economy imaging solution for generally lower margin merchandise

  • $100 an hour + $50 Setup Fee + HST
  • Add a Shadow or Reflection: $2 per image
  • $400 Minimum Order + Add HST to all stated prices

Learn More About Bulk Product Photos on White

Bulk product photos are an excellent option for product catalogues.  The client may need many inexpensive clean images on a near to perfect white background.  Assignments with large volumes,  minimal staging and editing requirements are good candidates for an economy of scale price point.

Because the workflow is streamlined, there is a cost saving passed on to the customer.  Our Bulk Product Photography does not include a clipping path to remove the background, however, one can be added at additional cost. 

Bulk Product Photography for Catalog Toronto

Toronto Fashion Photography on Pure White

We offer many clothing photography solutions on pure white.  Our most popular services include:

Learn More About Fashion Photography on Pure White

We provide attractive models, or you can bring in your own.

  • $100 an hour + $50 Setup Fee + HST
  • Add a Shadow or Reflection: $2 per image
  • $400 Minimum Order, Models from $300 for 2-hours; taxes extra
  • Add HST to all stated prices

For more information on fashion photography on pure white click here

Toronto Fashion Photography on Pure White

Staged & Lifestyle Product Photographs on Pure White

Complex or grouped product images in a lifestyle setting

  • $100 an hour + $50 Setup Fee 
  • Add a Shadow or Reflection: $2 per image
  • $400 Minimum Order + Add HST to all stated prices

Learn More About Lifestyle Photography On Pure White

Staged product photos are product shots that require a complex layout. These may include textiles that have specific folding needs or a multi-item product picture. Because these items are harder to stage, we charge by the hour for the service. Customers are welcome to participate in the photo-session to stage the items to achieve their intended vision.

Lifestyle & Staged Product Photography on Pure White Toronto Photo Studio

Food Photography on Pure White

  • $100 an hour
  • $50 In-Studio Setup Fee or $500 On-Site Service
  • GS1 Images @ $30 per image
  • Add a Shadow or Reflection: $2 per image
  • $400 Minimum Order + Add HST to all stated prices

Learn More About Food Photography On Pure White

Food photos on white are the conventional standard for marketing products.  Clean food images on white are preferred for sell-sheets and databases.  On project completion, we deliver the files graphic-design ready in various file formats including images on white and transparent backgrounds. In doing so, your graphic-artist can overlay your food photos into marketing collateral such as brochures, posters, menus, etc.

Executing a Food Photography Project at Jules Design
You may choose to photograph your food items at our studio or at your facility.  Customers often prefer on-site service to prepare their culinary products for imaging.  Customers are also welcome to ship their product to our studio.  We have multiple case freezers, a loading dock and food staging equipment. As each assignment is unique, we encourage you to call us to discuss your food photography project.

For your next food photography project, call us at 647-997-2793 or click here for more information.

Food Photography on Pure White

Everybody loves product photos on pure white.  They are clean images that depict the merchandise you want to sell.  If you are a merchant, the question is: which type of product photo is best for your business?

Contact Jules Design to discuss your product photography on pure white options today
647-997-2793 [email protected]

Toronto Cosmetic Product Photography on Pure White

A cool feature regarding the product photos on pure white by Jules Design: we photograph individual items at the same angle of view.  By doing this, we can group single images into a believable montage.

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