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Toronto Jewelry Photography

Jewelry, Ring, Bracelet, Watch, & Pendant Product Photography Learn More

We are a Toronto Jewelry Photography Studio. We offer detailed and colour correct photos of Ring, Bracelet, Watch, Ear-Rings & Pendant Product Photography.

Clients can drop off their jewelry here at our studio for imaging or take part in the photoshoot for large projects. We offer advanced Photoshop editing and staging for premium merchandise. Alternatively, we provide bulk-economy rates for high volume projects with minimal production requirements.

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Toronto Jewelry Photography • Jewelery Ring Photography on Pure White

Toronto Jewelry Photography

Jewelry & Watch Product Photography Rates

  • $40 per image- Standard Images
    Includes: 15 minutes of image editing
  • $150 per image- Premium Images
    Includes: 1 hour of image editing
  • Items with additional editing and unusual staging may be subject to a surcharge of $100 per hour
  • Payment required in advance.

Bulk Jewellery Photography

Economic Jewelry Product Photography  Learn More

Bulk jewellery photography is a photo imaging process with the intent to reduce production costs. We achieve these cost savings through economies of scale and efficient workflows. In turn, we pass the savings onto the customer.

Bulk Jewellery Photos feature a near to perfect white in the background.   The image quality is excellent for most marketing applications.

Toronto • Markham • Brampton • Mississauga • Vaughn • Oshawa

Toronto Bulk Jewelry Photography • Jewellery Photos on Pure White

To achieve bulk Jewelry Photography Rates, it requires:

  • A larger volume of items
    (Usually more than 100 items)
  • Minimal staging changes between items
  • Clean product with minimal fingerprints, dirt or tarnish on the product
  • A simple repetitive workflow

Watch Photography

We do watch photography mounted and flat.  Pricing is subject to the cleaning, staging, detail and editing requirements. Learn More

Before photographing your jewelry, please try to minimize the handling of the item.  Most jewelry we receive is unfortunately dirty, scratched, and covered in fingerprints.  Because we need to physically and digitally clean these imperfections, that adds to the total production costs.  

Keep the jewelry you plan to photograph in a clean plastic bag.  This practice reduces contaminants on the product. 

Often the contaminants on the jewelry are not visible to the naked eye.  As clients cannot see the dirt, they are under the impression that their product is clean.  However, as we are photographing at the microscopic level, we see everything. 

Because dirty jewelry hinders beautiful work,  make sure the merchandise you bring us is clean.

Toronto • Markham Watch Photographer • Brampton • Mississauga • Vaughn • Oshawa

Mississauga Watch  Photography • Watch Ring Photography on Pure White

Toronto Watch product photography studio
Toronto Watch Photography on Black
Mississauga Markham Watch Photography Studio
Mississauga Toronto Watch Photographer

Ring Photography

There are many grades of jewelry and ring photography.
To keep the cost down, minimize your staging and editing requirements.Learn More

We offer jewellery photography at different quality and price points subject to your needs.  Options include bulk and highly manicured images and everything in between.

Factors that drive jewelry photography cost: 

  • Staging Requirements 
  • Digital and Physical Cleaning of the Merchandise 
  • Focus, Detail and Magnification Required.
  • Editing Requirements (Clipping Path, Painting Overlays, Shadows)

Proper jewelry product photos can range from $10 to $100 +/- per image  

Toronto • Markham Ring Photographer • Brampton • Mississauga • Vaughn • Oshawa

Mississauga  Ring Photos • eCommerce Ring Photography on Pure White

Ring Product Photography Toronto Jeweler Photographer

Tricks to reduce your jewelry product photography costs: 

  • Pre-clean the product if possible using a magnifying glass, micro-fibre cloth and air compressor.  If we do it, it adds to the production cost.

Learn More

  • Minimize handling of the jewelry.  Wear rubber gloves to avoid finger-prints and put the product in a clean plastic bag to prevent unwanted lint on the product.
  • Request smaller jewelry pictures.  Big jewelry pictures show more imperfections and require more costly image editing.

Manicured Ring Product Photography

This ring image by Jules Design features focus stacking and gradient painting.  As these production methods are time-consuming and costly to execute, most retailers prefer more economical solutions


Ring Product Photography Toronto Jeweler Photographer
Online Jeweler Example

The above image is a screenshot of a tier 1 jeweller’s online store.  These images are adequate for online sales however to control costs, they did restrain on some of the image editing requirements. 

Pendant Toronto Necklace Photo Studio serving Mississauga Brampton Markham

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Toronto Earring Photographer Mississauga Markham Brampton

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Toronto Amazon Photographer Jewelry Photography
Toronto Amazon Product Photographer Jewelry Photography

The Best Jewelry Photography Value

Bulk Jewelry by Jules Design is our best value.  For most marketing applications the quality is excellent.

The key to great pricing is high volumes of merchandise and simple production requirements.   Customers are also welcome to participate in the photo session to expedite the process and reduce costs.

As each assignment is unique, give us a call to discuss your project.

Best Value Bulk Product Photography for Jewelry

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