Food Product and People Photography photographed with white on white

Can you photograph white on white?  Most Definitely Yes!!!


Food Photography White on White

If you measured the light, you can easily photograph objects that are white on white.

I am frequently asked by Clients if any special efforts will be required to photograph a white subject on white; the answer is no.


Good product or food photography takes in to account gradations of white on white; therefore, one should be able to photograph a white rabbit in a snowstorm and still be able to discern the edges and shape of the subject.

Considering there are 256 gradations of white, and considering there are 256 gradations for each colour, there are about 16 million potential colour combinations for a camera to behold.

Under this context, there is plenty of room to discern various hues from one another.

How do we photograph white on white and make them discernible?
Photographers often do not like the technical aspects of photography.  Most wish to preoccupy themselves with the creative aspects of the job.  Regrettably, measuring light is a necessary technical part of the creative process. We measure the light using a light meter.

We measure the light to tell the camera how much light to impress on the sensor.  Too much light and the image will be over exposed or too white.  An insufficient amount of light will yield dark images.

But now how do we calibrate the light meter?  How do we know the light meter is correct?  We use a grey card to establish the correct exposure for the light meter.  On a histogram, the grey in the grey card should line up in the middle assuming the exposure is correct.

The grey card is a powerful tool.  It is also the reference for white in an image.  If the image is too blue or yellow, the grey card helps establish the neutral value in an image.  The colours in the image should look as if white (not coloured) light is shinning on the subject.

Light has colour and intensity.  Jules Design is a leading Toronto Product and Food Photography studio with expertise in measuring light.  In doing so, we produce better photos with higher colour accuracy.  If you are looking for a skilled photographer using a disciplined methodology, contact Jules Design.  We are skilled at what we do with equipment to leverage our creative capabilities.

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