Toronto clothing photography studio

Toronto Clothing Photography StudioToronto clothing photography studio
Bulk Fashion Photography- Inexpensive & Beautiful

Just because you can sell something, it does not mean you should sell it.  Gauging market interest before introducing something to the world is a smart strategic decision to avoid big wasteful spending.

In the best-selling book The Lean Start Up, the author Eric Ries proposes the idea of the Minimum Viable Product.  The big idea is to test a basic concept for market acceptance before launching a product at great cost.

To maximize profitability, let alone to insure a business’s survival, organizations should look at minimizing expenses; especially in the product development phase, when revenue may be non-existent and cash reserves are being used.  During this phase, keeping costs under control is of paramount importance.  To improve chances of success, business owners should then seek innovative ways to bring products to market for less money.

To reduce your business risk and to increase your profitability, Jules Design offers customizable bulk fashion photography and clothing photography .  This is a very inexpensive and functional solution for large clothing photography and product photography projects for marketing use.  The quality and consistency are superb, and the product shots are perfect for formal advertising and publishing.

Bulk clothing photography by Jules Design is not limited to garments.  It is also very practical for conventional product and catalog marketing.  We image the item on a clear white (invisible) surface; in turn, we return the merchandise photos to the client on a near pure white background at a fraction of the normal conventional product photography rates.

Costing per image for bulk product shots is relative to the project scope.  Aspects such as volume, preparation, staging and editing time are some of the cost factors that may affect the final price.  Price per image can range from $4 to $12 more or less.

For all product photo shoots, customers have the opportunity to participate in the production of their images.  Alternatively, the Client can drop off their product or mail it in.  We offer a variety of product photography options, as we know many clients have very specific commercial photography needs.  For more information on our commercial photography service, contact Jules Design.

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