Toronto Product Photography following SAQ LCBO MLCC GS1 standards

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Jules Design is a Toronto Product Photography studio producing images following SAQ, LCBO, MLCC, GS1, ECCnet standards and more

Jules Design is a Toronto Product Photography studio. We produce images following the industry leading merchants including SAQ, LCBO, MLCC, Walmart, CTC, Costco, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, GS1 & ECCnet and many others.

Large organizations with product photography needs often require specific imaging standards made from their vendors.

Jules Design is a Media Centric Toronto Product Photography studio with expertise in making product photos as graphic design elements for marketing use.  We are apt at producing images following the imaging specifications as defined by our customers.  Aspects we tend to consider in producing our product shots may include colour profiles, DPI, focal distance, lighting style, angle of view and plunge, Pantones, file naming conventions, staging and more.

Toronto Amazon Product Photography Studio As a specification intensive product photography studio, we are keen to avoid unwanted reflections in our product photos and inaccurate colours.  As we strive for consistence and accuracy, we measure everything from the angle of view, the light colour and intensity.  This due diligence enables us to replicate product shots at a future photo session.

Consistency in product photography is especially valuable when we present products together.  Items shot with inconsistent lighting and angles do not look right to the human eye.  As an entire product series is not always available at once, sometimes we must image merchandise in batches at different periods.  Having consistent product shots establishes continuity in a series of images.

As a best practice, the Client should specify when they would require strict consistency in their product photos.   This will define the project scope to be additionally meticulous in the photography process.  Clients should rightly expect the same look in their images with consistent colours however there might be some variance.

As ceramic and fabric manufacturers experience fluctuations in dye lots, so should clients in anticipate the same limitations in photography.  Some slight differences may occur that create subtle difference from one product photography batch to another; that said these limitations should be limited however present.

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