Product Photography strategies for selling merchandise online

Selling online is (like any business model) a risk-laden activity.  Products may or may not sell and you need to distribute costs lightly and evenly as to not burden the selling price or its profitability.  In managing these aspects, the merchants should be cautious in getting a photography vendor that will provide great pictures at a low price to keep things competitive.

As a product photographer for over 10 years, I have determined that many industry colleagues simply do not “get” business. The skilled often insist on only superb quality at a crippling cost; in contrast, the incompetent lack the skills to produce consistent, properly exposed or edited images.

Often many product photographers have only a “one size fits all” style for all of their customers. As I have discovered, different clients have different needs, and sometimes, you can omit some aspects of quality if the pricing and quality are just right.

The problem is, most photographers lack the technical knowledge and equipment to be able to offer abstract customer solutions.  Many product photographers work from their car and their quality shows it.  They often image products from a cheap white softbox purchased on eBay and in doing so, their methods undermines the item’s  appearance; white is reflected all over the product’s body and all the colours appear washed out.  Then they manually Product Photography Infographictrace out the item in Photoshop.  The net result is a disappointing image.

At Jules Design, we use techniques and processes that produce great quality efficiently.  The net result is superb quality at a lower price.  Indeed, for premium work- we do charge more; however, our cost structure is a by-product of our commitment to quality and service.  Setup, staging, cleaning, photographing and editing takes time and we need a reasonable amount to do this well.

Core to our photography service is to understand your business needs and goals; in knowing this, we can produce product photographs that and coincide with your business strategies.

Customers can bring the product to our studio, participate in the photo shoot or simply mail it in.  Provide us with directions to execute your project your way.  As photography professionals, we are happy to provide creative direction to you as to the best direction to take your photography projects.

We provide on-location and in-studio service, however, please note: there is an associated cost for an on-location work, as we need to bring the equipment and set it up at your place of business.

For next link commercial product photography project, contact Jules Design.   Our studio is located in central Toronto and we are open for site visits by appointment only; call us and ask for details.

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