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How do you sell jewellery online?

Many jewellery vendors come and go.  Those who stay, are those who build a well considered business models for their online enterprise.  They understand their business cost structures and feasible market selling prices.  Good jewellery vendors understand that they need to spread their fixed cost over their array of merchandise in order to keep the incremental unit cost and selling price low.

The following are some aspects to consider when selling jewellery online:

1- Buy enough merchandise of the given stock you plan to carry.  Many would-be merchants will ignore this notion because they want to offer a wide assortment of product.  Buying an insufficient amount of product is risky as you need to spend marketing dollars to sell each model; in doing so, this expense will not be spread thinly and your marketing contributions will add an overwhelming cost to each incremental unit for sell.  So make sure you have enough money in your sell

Toronto Ring & Jewellery Product Photographer

This ring was stacked photographed and heavily edited in Photoshop to achieve this look.

ing price to afford good product photographs.

2- Seek out a good product photographer to photograph your jewellery.  As there are no barriers of entry, anyone can become a product photographer.  Most product photographers lack the equipment and knowledge to do photograph jewellery properly.  They will make big promises of high quality and low costs without truly understanding the work involved.  To vet your prospective photographer, visit their studio to assess their capability and ask for samples of their work.

3- Good looking product sells product.  Before you plan to photograph your jewellery for marketing purposes, make sure you minimize handling of the item. Jewellery is often dirty, scratched, and laden with fingerprints.  If your merchandise is dirty, your product photographs will look bad.  Moreover, expecting the photographer to take care of dirty fingerprints is an assumption that may not occur.

It is worth noting that much of the dirt on jewelry is not visible to the naked eye.  As clients often cannot see the dirt, they are under the impression that it is clean.  Dirty jewelry is common and often a hindrance to beautiful work,  so make sure it is kept clean.

At Jules Design, to keep the product clean, we handle the merchandise with rubber gloves, we use microfiber clothes and air compressor is clean the jewelry; if customers opt to forgo this jewelry cleaning service to save money, they do so at their own peril as the jewelry may be photographed with unwanted debris.  To minimize time spent on cleaning costs, minimize handling the product before you plan to photograph it.

If you are looking for an experienced Toronto Jewellery product photographer, contact Jules Design.  We are experienced, insured and have an array of customer references available on request.  We offer regular manicured jewelry product photography services and bulk jewellery product photography services.  Bulk product shots cost less as less time is spent on editing the merchandise.  The products are staged, imaged, colour corrected and cropped; whereas the alternative is heavily edited.

Toronto Bulk Jewellery Product Photographer

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