Canadian Food Service Photography for ECCnet
Following GS1 Canada Product Imaging Standards

Eccnet Food Service Photography following  GS1 Canada Standards Great Rates • On-Site or Pickup • Ready for Submission • Easy

Jules Design provides Food Service photography following GS1 Imaging Standards; use our images to register your product(s) with ECCnet. We provide affordable on-site or in-studio service. We help simplify the image submission process while reducing your inventory shrink, photography and shipping cost. For more information, call 647.997.2793.

Jules Marketing & Design Inc. is not in any way affiliated with GS1 or its affiliates. Jules Design is a third party contractor that offers Canadian food service photography that complies with GS1 Standards. GS1 Canada, ECCnet Registry, ECCnet ProSYNC® and ECCnet ProLYNC® are registered trademarks of GS1 Canada.

Toronto Photograpy GS1 Canada Food Service Photographer
We take care to construct your Food Service images
with esthetic detail

GS1 Canada Food Service Photography
Jules Design produces Food Service Images and Marketing Images following Canadian GS1 Standards

GS1 Product Imaging standards, PIC Cards, Product Photography, Affordable, Clipping path, Toronto, Photographers, Photography Per GS1 Canada specifications, Jules Design will embed a Clipping Path into your JPEG images.

Commercial Photography Toronto Seafood , following the GS1 Product Imaging standards

The Food Service Photography Offer:

  • In-Studio or On-Site Service
    (On-site Photography service available for orders over $1000)

  • File format preparation Following the GS1 Product Imaging standards

  • Files are named by their respective GTIN code

  • The Client is supplied with 2 disks

    Disk 1: For the Client
    • High Quality JPG and TIF images

  • Disk 2: For GS1 Canada
    • Your Food Service Images ready for submission

    • An embedded Excel sheet with your contact details within the disk

    • We will submit the Submission Forms (with images) to GS1 Canada for evaluation.

    Estimated Project Completion Time:
    5-10 Business Days or Less (usually 5)

  • $30 per image per product level (C,X,P) +HST

  • Nutritional information image data capture included on request
We Know the Food Service Photography Standards

Jules Design is familiar with the Product Photography standards for PIC card submissions.

Following the GS1 Product Imaging standards, we will photograph, mask, name, and modify your images to match the GS1 listing requirements.

When the project is complete, Jules Design will submit your Product Submission Form and DVD (with images) to GS1 Canada for evaluation.

Food Service Photography anywhere in Canada

Enjoy the convenience of an on-site studio set-up at your place of business to photograph your product(s). Your merchandise will never leave your facility.

Service Benefits

  • Eliminate the cost to ship merchandise

  • No need to pack stock for shipment

  • Own the pictures. Use the photos for marketing purposes

  • Reduce product shrink; the merchandise is never removed from inventory

  • Save Time; we take care of the process for you!
For more information
on Food Service Photography
Following GS1 Canada Standards

Contact Jules Marketing & Design Inc:
E: [email protected]
T: 647.997 2793
25 Holling Road Unit 8 Toronto Ontario M4B3N4
following the GS1 Product Imaging standards, Toronto Commercial Photography, Food Photographer Toronto
*Some conditions to this offers apply
  • Prices do not include HST.

  • Upon completion of the product photography project, and payment in full, The Client will own the image copyrights without restrictions.

  • The prices sited on this page are a guide only to the fees charged by Jules Marketing & Design Inc.. As every project is unique, some projects may require individual quotations.
  • For Food Service images, this offer does not include the $30 load fee into ECCnet or the $100 Disk evaluation fee.

  • To produce the GS1 product shots, Cases may be opened and resealed. Individual packages will be opened and may be irreparable and not adequate for re-sell. Jules Marketing & Design Inc. will not be held responsible for the replacement cost of any merchandise.
  • The number of photos required for each product is dependent on how many packaging levels are associated with the product. Packages with a French and English side will require two photos for each marketing face.

For more information on Food Service Photography following GS1 Canada Standards
call 647.997.2793 or email [email protected]

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