Toronto Product Photographer for Electronic Cigarettes & Vaping Products

Toronto Product Photographer for Electronic Cigarettes E-Cigs & E-Cigarettes for Vaping Canadian Commercial Photo StudioWith the legalization of marijuana, many entrepreneurs stand to enjoy many new opportunities.    Sales in strains, marijuana edibles, smoking devices, electronic cigarettes, (aka. cigs, and e-cigarettes for vaping, etc) and storage boxes are some of the many merchandise items ready to be openly sold.

The leaders in the marijuana industry will rise above the others by many means.  Immediately, those who present well will establish better credibility with prospective clients.  Alternatively, many cannabis vendors and related entrepreneurs will parish by creating sub-standard online stores.  Poor user experience including shabby product pictures will undermine valiant entrepreneur efforts.

Marijuana is the new craft beer or wine.  Many pot enthusiast buy the story over the weed.  They want to know about the product’s composition, appearance and contrast to other strains.  Smart vendors identify this and will elaborate on the product’s story to include great photos and product stories.  Indeed cannabis is a controversial subject, but it is now mainstream and here to stay.   If you don’t like it, get use to it.

Jules Design is a Toronto commercial product photography studio with expertise in producing commercial photos for food, merchandise and editorials.  We provide in-studio and on-location service as required.   Our studio is a trusted and insured facility located in central Toronto near the DVP and Eglinton.  Clients are welcome to participate in the photo-shoot of you may simply drop off the items here with a creative direction and we will take care of the rest.

On project completion, we will provide you with graphic design ready files immediately usable for web or print publication.  Ask us about additional graphic and marketing services including social media content creation, writing and video production.

We are a studio that prides itself on being easy to work with.  We do not hide behind emails and we prefer a face-to-face meeting or a phone conversation to understand your business needs.  For your next cannabis, food, or product photography assignment, contact Jules Marketing & Design Inc.

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