Different kinds of headshots for different kinds of professionals

Actors, lawyers, real estate agents and business professionals have distinct portrait photography requirements. A one-size-fits-all approach to headshots may lead to images that are not well suited to the customers’ needs. At Jules Design, we customize the image to match the Client’s professional objectives.

Actor headshots should be clear to help the casting director make a casting decision. Dramatic shadows are out; flattering lightning is in. When I create compcards for actors, I create a montage. This compilation includes at least a face and body shot. The objective is to provide the Casting Agent with a big picture of the Actor’s appearance.

In addition to great photos, we include text overlays such as your contact info, date of the image, phone number, URL, skills, credentials, etc. The idea behind this content is to save your time and to sell you.

Including a date is always a good practice; the Casting Director may not want to call you if your photo is five years old. Conversely, if the Casting Director loves your look and or credentials, you want them to reach you! Include your name and phone number with your headshot!

We create business portraits for marketing collateral
Lawyers and real estate agents often need headshots modified for print and web design.  As a best practice, I like to offer masking for these professionals.

Masking is the removal of the background so you can overlay or superimpose the image onto other graphics.

As lawyers and realtors often use their portraits for billboard, we often produce headshots for large format applications.  In general, our goal is to produce your portrait for a wide array of business applications from LinkedIn profile pics to print advertisements.

Headshot Pet Peeves
Today, everybody who owns a camera seems to be a portrait photographer. Often these “professionals” have little notion in exposure, lighting, editing colour or skin. Colours often appear washed out and inaccurate, skin looks like plastic, lighting is uneven, weird looking, too bright or dark.

At Jules Design we have a colour managed workflow. We measure the light colour and intensity to insure graceful hues. We calibrate our cameras and monitors to produce flattering skin tones.

We believe that good lighting and correct exposure alleviates the need for heavy Photoshop editing. Proper illumination will soften skin naturally and make the subject look good. 

Toronto Real Estate Agent Photographer

Above & Below: Jules Design integrates graphic design with our headshot photography to produce distinctive images that will set you apart from your competition.

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