Different kinds of product shots for different kinds of customers

When Henry Ford first created the Model T, he said you can have any colour as long as it is black. Eventually though, due to a call for greater selection, he succumbed to a wider offering.

In the same vein, a business should never force a customer into a single option. We understand that not all clients require perfect and manicured images. Some clients just want a clean image at a low price.

To meet this need, Jules Design offers a wide array of customizable product photography solutions such as:

  • Conventional Product Shots
  • Extra (or Less) Photoshop Editing
  • Masking or no Masking
  • Imposed Shadows & Reflections
  • 360° Rotating Product Shots
  • Bulk Product Photography (Low or No Editing)
  • Mannequin & Model Fashion photography
  • Ghost Mannequin product shots, etc…

Image Top Left and Right
These images feature less Photoshop editing and consequently lower production costs. For most catalogue applications, a clean image is sufficient to sell the item.

Toronto Shoe Photographer

Toronto Fashion Photographer

Image Left:
Some Clients require advanced editing. Options may include natural shadows, reflections, masking, healing, etc.
Jules Design offers advanced Photoshop editing to service these Client needs.

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