Doing your own product photography in-house? Think again…

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Many small businesses will attempt to do their own product photography to save on studio costs.  Often, the photos look so bad they need to be redone.  Inaccurate colour, bad lighting, unwanted reflections or worse undermine the very product they are trying to promote.

Typically, the ambitious entrepreneur will go to the local camera shop and purchase a bunch of unnecessary or semi-adequate gear to get the job done.  S/he will then fumble through the camera learning process.  He will struggle with getting the exposure and colour just right.   They don’t know how to measure light colour or intensity.  Terms such as kelvins, RAW files and aperture, ISO and more will confuse the newbie photographer.

Without a colour-calibrated monitor, s/he will never know if the images are properly exposed of if the hues are just right.  He will finally then either be dismayed by the lack or apparent quality or fool herself into thinking that she is a photography genius.  We’ve seen this many times before.

Jules Design is a leading Toronto product photographer with extensive photo gear, Photoshop capabilities and editing skills.  With these tools, we produce better product shots that will leverage your marketing efforts and brand.

We understand that product photography sounds fun to your marketing team; but in reality, it is often not their core competency.  Product photography is a honed skilled that requires years of practice, infrastructure and methodology to get colours, lighting and deep focus (DOF) right.

If you’re adamant in doing your product photography in-house, then contact Jules Design.  We offer product photography consulting services.  Let us help you setup your studio correctly the first time.  We will assemble a buy list, a workflow and will train and coach your team.

Be wary of hiring photography graduates or any first time photographers without a proven portfolio to guide your new studio initiatives.  In our experience, hires over-state their capabilities and could not answer fundamental photography questions; even those from seemingly prestigious schools.  It has led us to wonder if any of the photography schools teach their students anything useful.

If you are looking for a skilled Toronto product photography company then contact Jules Design.  Our product photography studio is located in central Toronto near the DVP and Eglington. Drop off your product here or mail it in. Alternatively, participate in the photo shoot with us to get your product shots your way.   For more information contact use:

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