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Busy photographers produce better pictures.  Why?  Because in this business, many photographers do not get enough work to buy good gear or get advanced practice. Conversely, busy photographers are making more money; in turn, they and can afford better equipment plus get the practice they need to grow professionally.

Newbies in the photography business often have a hard time getting started and staying in business.  With a need for living wages, equipment, marketing and general overhead, most photographers stop before they get going.  Per Industry Canada, the average Canadian photographer only makes about $45k per annum.  Therefore, due to the chronic low income and work potential for most photographers, many do not stay on in this vocation.  As a result, there is a common lack of skilled, tenured experience within the industry.

Indeed, there are many entry points to becoming a photographer.   One can simply buy a camera and call themselves a photographer.  However, inevitable complex projects will arise.  Clients may have the need for advanced staging, editing and or lighting.  A good photographer will have the tools and skill to accommodate all that.  A new photographer will have to learn as they go.

In the above project, Jules Design used a variety of photography, staging and lighting techniques to produce these images.  For instance to produce the bottle product photography, we used back-lighting to illuminate the content to give it a clean white bright feel.

Toronto Premium Product Photo Photography

White soft-boxes as shown here reflect white on the product and wash the colour out on the merchandise.

Many photographers have difficulty photographing bottles as they struggle to avoid unwanted reflections on the product.  Commonly, many product photographers use cheap white soft boxes purchased online to image merchandise.  These large white tents are used to diffuse light and to control unwanted reflections onto the product.  These soft-boxes are problematic as they tend to reflect white onto the product washing out the colour.  The net result is an amateurish product photo.

To assess your next product photographer, we encourage you to meet them at their place of business.  Review their portfolio and look around their place of business.  Engage them personally to assess their working style and infrastructure.  As your commercial photography vendor is essentially an extension of your marketing department, be sure it is someone you like working with and has the tool you need to get the job done.

Jules Design offer reliable, in-studio and on-location product photography.  We are a trusted Toronto commercial photography studio used by some of Canada’s largest brands.  With a wealth of positive reviews, we are insured and committed to delivering with excellence on all your commercial photography projects.

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