Keep your photography costs low with bulk product shots

We shoot models and people. Prices average $5 to $15 per image- usually about $5.75 +/-

Customers have a preference to vendors with the largest selection. One-stop shopping is the preferred default for most buyers. Smart merchants will respond to this need by listing more items for a competitive advantage.
Yet listing items costs money. As a result, vendors need a way to minimize their marketing contributions to maximize profitability. In response, Jules Design offers cost-effective bulk product photography. Our product shots are highly colour accurate, attractive, clean and the item is featured on a near to perfect white background. Objects can be as small as jewellery or as large as a human.

Bulk product shots differ from conventional product shots. Whereas conventional product shots are staged and highly edited in Photoshop, bulk product shots feature simple staging and minimal editing requirements.

Bulk product photography is not well suited to group product shots or for Clients who require perfect images; they are best suited for large catalog applications when many clean images are required but perfection is not mandatory.

Depending on the project, prices per image may range from $5 to $15 relative to volume and customer requests. On average most bulk product shots cost about $5.70 +/- per image plus applicable taxes. These types of projects are best suited for initiatives with 75 or more images.

For more information on bulk product shots, contact Jules Design 647.997.2793 or email us at [email protected]

Above: Clients may participate in the Photoshoot at Jules Design to provide creative direction.

Above: Bulk product shots can feature people or products. Colours are accurate, detailed and the pricing is exceptional.

Above: Bulk product photography is a cost effective solutions for large quantities of product shots