Toronto Bulk Apparel & Men’s Fashion Clothing Photography

Fashion comes in and out of style in a blink of an eye.  To maximize profitability, clothing designers and merchants need to promote with speed, grace and frugality.

Jules Design is a leading Toronto fashion photography studio with expertise in executing cost-effective bulk fashion photography projects.  We produce stunning fashion photos at an incrementally low price per image with projects requiring 70 or more photos; often near the $6* +/- per photo cost with bulk product photography projects.

Toronto Fashion Photography with background removed

Clients seeking a cleaner look may request fashion product photographs with a clipping path (the background removed) and perhaps a natural shadow available at Jules Design.

Bulk Fashion Photography as shown in this window is generally a fashion garments photo requiring minimal editing and colour adjustments.  The background is usually (however not always) blown out with the foreground correctly exposed.  Images are colour corrected and cropped to a customer’s pre-established ratio.  Conventional product shots are better albeit more because the background is manually removed or traced out in Photoshop.

Our studio is conveniently located near central Toronto by the DVP and Eglinton.  Clients are welcome to bring entire wardrobes, assistants, models and executives to partake in the photography session if desired.

We can create images to your specifications or we can assist you in developing a brand standard for your garments.  Jules Design offers a wide array of fashion photography services ranging from ghost mannequin, to garments laid flat and garments on models with the background removed via Photoshop clipping path.

We provide in-studio and on-location fashion photography services, however we typically recommend in-studio services as the pricing is better and most of our equipment is here.  Our service range spans the entire Ontario region.

A subtle benefit in our services is our ability to produce consistent and very accurate colours.  We achieve this by measuring the light using a variety of objective photo imaging tools.  To this effect, merchandise shown to customers is more accurate and less likely to produce disappointment resulting in returns and unhappy customers.

Bulk women's fashion fashion photography with motion - Toronot Photo Studio

To improve visual impact, bulk fashion photography by Jules Design can also include dynamic and speedy action. For more on this, click the photo above.

If you are looking for a reliable, reputed, quality and reasonably priced commercial photographer, then contact Jules Design.  Customers seeking new photographers are encouraged to visit their studio to assess their capability and infrastructure in addition to ask for references and portfolio samples.

*Prices are subject to staging requirements, project scope, and general editing required and other factors.  Call Jules Design for details at 647-997-2793


Toronto Bulk Apparel & Men’s  Fashion Clothing Photography

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