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Mississauga Food Photographer for Lifestyle photographyWhen your business spends hard-earned money on commercial  photos, maximize the potential opportunities with faux lifestyle product photography by Jules Design.

We produce product photos a little differently than most companies.

Indeed, we are product photographers, but we see ourselves more as media content creators. Put another way, we focus on creating content that helps sell. Moreover, we integrate graphic design at a deeper level to make your images more powerful and more useful for more applications.

Use our product photographs to make sell-sheets, marketing promotions, lifestyle photos and more. The more uses you can find for our images, the greater our value is to you; and that is exactly what we want.

Our expertise lies in product photography, food photography, Amazon product shots, furniture photos and more. We offer in-studio and on-location service,  Clients are also welcome to participate in the photo shoot if necessary.

FAUX LIFESTYLE PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHYToronto Furniture Photography Mississauga Product Photographer

Many of our Clients understandably run a tight budget.  Moreover,  they also aspire for lifestyle product photos that are typically more expensive to produce.  Shooting off-site to make lifestyle product photos can be expensive.  Finding a suitable location, delivering gear and setting up is time consuming and definitely can add costs.

Mississauga Furniture Photographer for Lifestyle photography

Mississauga Furniture Photographer for Lifestyle photographphotos as they assist in producing more conversions.

Nothing beats a real setting to create credible product photos. However, a less expensive option are faux lifestyle product shots. Instead of renting a costly off-site location to photograph the merchandise, why not Photoshop the goods into a preexisting picture?

Again: the quality of an image will always appear better when the object is shot in a real setting, however “Photoshoped” images can be a great budget alternative.

For your next product photography assignment requiring product and lifestyle images, contact Jules Design. We will give you a candid assessment of what is possible and what is not.

Photoshop editing is a cost-effective solution for some projects; but not for all. Clients should understand that any project will require some expenditure and rock-bottom budgets will not yield positive results.

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