Reflection-Free Product Photography

A light source reflection on a product shot can be a distraction from the product’s design. I would imagine that most designers do not create merchandise to feature a glare spot. Considering this, when taking a product shot, most photographers should work a little harder to produce images with minimal to no reflections on the item.

The circumference of the product should offer contrast to make it pop out of the page. Managing desirable and undesirable reflections can be achieved with geometry, colour cards and basic principles in photometry. A great native image an be made right out of the camera. Product shots requiring little Photoshop always look better. Heavily edited or composite images tend to look fake.

Jules Design produces product photography of bottles with little to no light source reflections. Our service is well suited for product shots with foil, cellophane, glass or plastic wrapping. We produce product shots that see though reflective substrates.

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Toronto Bottle Photography without reflections or glare spots

Managing desirable and undesirable reflections with light, geometry and coloured cards can make a great native image right out of the camera.