Succeeding as a realtor with a good headshots for branding

Being a successful realtor is a tough gig. In a cluttered market of customer choice, a real-estate agent must have exceptional talent at setting him or herself apart from the rest. One sure-fire way to drive your personal brand is with great-one-of-a-kind photos.

Getting great photos is now as easy as it sounds. Attractive pictures that are properly exposed and correctly colour-balanced is a given. Yet, as there are few barriers for photographers to enter the photography field, getting a quality headshot is not always easy.

As most photographers are not very good, buyer beware. Most Realtors will be fortunate if they can get get a good headshot.

Few photographers measure the light when taking a picture. Many dont even know how to shoot in manual mode. Usually they have limited gear and Photoshop skills. I’ve hired enough professionals to see this recoccuring theme. Now, like any responsible company, we scrutinize our vendors when we subcontract.

Jules Design creates photos for social media profiles, business cards, billboards, web design, newspaper print and much more.

Toronto Realtor Photographer

Using any old photographer to produce your
portraits is sure-fire way to waste your time and money.

Our headshots often include a clipping path for image overlays; we do this to integrate your photos into various graphic design programs like InDesign or Illustrator. This is to expedite your go to market speed when you are promoting your marketing message. We prepare your headshots for immediate graphic design use.

In addition to preparing your headshots for graphic design work, we incorporate drama into your images to communicate your value proposition. We use props and distinct poses to communicating your message. Being a successful Real-Estate agent is not always about competency, it is about getting the listing. Using showmanship in your portraits can be a competitive advantage to get you the business. We will present to you some useful poses to incorporate into your portrait session that will inevitably leverage the visuals for your marketing program(s).

For your next Realtor photography session, contact Jules Design. Our Toronto in-studio or on-location headshots photography service is aptly equipped to deliver better headshots for more marketing applications. We integrate graphic design, props, drama and photography to produce better headshots that will grow your realtor business.

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