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We do interactive 360 Product Photography and Videos to present your products to the world.
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We provide you with the software and technical leadership to upload the files to your desired websites.  

  • On project completion, we provide the files in a Zip HTML folder.
  • You must then embed this file folder into your web directory. 
  • Search Google and use an iframe generator to place the animation into a box on your web site.
  • Animation files are not Flash; they are HTML 5.  Therefore, the animations should universally work with all current web-enabled devices.  
  • There is limited tech-support after the sales transaction to embed the animation files into your website.  Consider using a 360 viewer such as to host your 360 animations.  This service will facilitate your animation’s compatibility universally across all web-enabled platforms.

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Cost per 360 Rotating Product Photography Animation

Minimum Order $400 + HST

  • $100 per 360 animation- 72 frames
  • $100 per 4K video rotation

360° Product Photography is an excellent way for web merchants to impress upon new customers.

360 Product Photography is becoming mainstream. They communicate the entirety of the product’s appearance in a single piece of media. As customers ingest pictures faster than words, 360 product shots can simplify, expedite and improve the online sales experience.

Some retailers have, and more will embrace the technology as it helps the customers to make a buying decision. Home Depot USA now requires 360 product shots as a condition of business. Moreover, currently accepts 360 to promote products.

I only need one 360 Product Photo; why is the minimum order so high?

We do product photographs for all kinds of items from jewelry to caskets (yes we photograph caskets!). Because we need to set up for each assignment, each project has a baseline workload that we must charge for.

Many advantages but here are some things to consider:

Self-Hosting vs. Paid-Hosting for 360 Product Photography

You can publish 360 product photos in several ways. You can host it yourself, or on a specialized 360 third-party server.

If you host 360 content yourself, you can do it at negligible cost. However, you will need to buy specialized software and make sure that it is kept up-to-date with emerging technology; this is not an easy task.

Most servers are not optimized for 360 rotating product photography.

With the abundance of different web devices on the market, it is challenging to optimize for compatibility across the spectrum. Machines range in screen sizes, mobile to desktop, and Flash to JavaScript. Besides, there are issues of page load speed that can affect and hurt your web rank.

To simplify your 360 content, look to They are an online 360 product viewer service with expertise at hosting animated photography.

Their Key Service Benefits:

  • Your content will load faster
  • You won’t be blind-sided by technology changes
  • Your animations will work better across web devices and
  • They simplify the implementation of the media.
    Loading a 360 animation is as simple as inserting a YouTube iframe.

Left: The web hosting for the shoe and helmet 360 animations is by Imajize.

360 Product Photos are not always shareable


Some 360 applications include green screen to impose products into backdrops.

Social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Google Image Search and Facebook do not or cannot publish index or share 360 photos. For this reason, conventional pictures and video are still king for sharing content.

This is not a bad thing. Customers do not need to see every angle of a product to buy it.

Good product photos that demonstrate the item should be all you need to make the sell. If you need to communicate specific product features, infographics are often more practical, searchable, shareable and (usually) less expensive to make.

Where to Get 360 Product Photography

Jules Design is a Toronto Product Photography studio. We specialize at producing a variety of commercial products including 360 product photography, infographics and lifestyle images.

Customers can drop off the merchandise at the studio or mail it in. For more information, give us a call or email us. Our studio location is in central Toronto near the DVP and Eglinton.

[email protected]

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