Toronto Amazon Product Photography Studio


Dazzling product photography sells merchandise on Amazon.  Jules Design is a leading Toronto product photography studio for Amazon vendors.  Drop-off your product at our studio or participate in the photo-shoot.  Or, mail in your items with a clear creative direction, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Toronto Amazon Product Photographer and StudioJules Design produces highly colour-accurate product photos; we achieve this by measuring the light.  By doing so, we produce better and more consistent image quality.

To Amazon merchants, lifestyle Images are a powerful marketing tools…


Jules Design offers lifestyle product photography for Amazon merchants.  This includes photography, editing, set-building, model casting and more.

Product images shown in-use gives the merchandise practical context.  Integrate people into your product photos to increase the image’s marketing visual impact.

Jules Design offers affordable Client hosted photography sessions and model sourcing.  We also do not restrict our clients with silly copyright and image usage restrictions.

Our commercial photography studio is conveniently located near the DVP and Eglinton; not far from the Ontario Science Centre.  For your next commercial or Amazon product photography project, contact us: